Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Frosty the Snowman


With it being Christmas and all I thought that this would be a fantastic time to post this video, I found it on You Tube last night and thought it was amazing hope you enjoy it and best wishes to you all for the festive season....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wee Nicky slips up AGAIN

Deputy First Minister Wee Nicky has got to learn that just cause she says it doesn't make it so! Her latest is that entry into the EU for an independent Scotland would be automatic, this by no means assured, in fact, the majority of the legal opinion is that this is NOT the case. The automatic membership of the EU would not be for Scotland but for the remainder of the United Kingdom.

Her assertion that the EU would want Scotland because it is Oil rich backs up the argument that Scotland would not gain automatic entry into the EU, why? Because, why would it matter whether they would want Scotland or not if an independent Scotland had automatic entry? Her own words prove that even she does not believe her parties rhetoric. The fact that she 'Can't' reveal her legal source is more than a little suspicious and the fact that she refuses to confirm whether the Scottish Government's own legal department agrees pretty much says they don't or she and the SNP would be shouting it from the rooftops.

Now do not get me wrong my understanding of this topic is limited (as it seems is wee Nicky's) but, having limited study of the articles of association in University I have to say wee Nicky's statements are dubious to say the least. Personally I don't think it will be an issue given that I do not think that Scotland will vote to become independent, but, even if it was, I for one would like to see a little more meat on the bones of the SNP's policy here, for instance how many seats do the SNP think they will get at the 'Top Table'? Do they believe that an independent Scotland would have the same power of veto as the rest of the UK? What would they do on the new EU Constitution?

I will leave it at that for now, but it is certainly something to think about.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Erskine on a cold morning

My sister and I ventured out to Erskine Yesterday morning with the dogs, while walking along the beach we managed to take a few photos including this one of a huge ship being led into the open waters, it is a pretty impressive sight.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy birthday to my wee cousin as well, enjoy yourself people.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007



The SNP both nationally and locally have been up to their eyes in it this week, between the SNP locally cutting £2 Million off the budget without being able to tell the Council members where the cuts would be made, and from what I hear they were also unwilling to give a long term commitment to continuing the Labour Party policy of no compulsary Redundancies, and the SNP nationally being voted down in the Parliament over their plans for their Skills initiative.

On the second case it doesn't look as though they will be paying much attention to the defeat in terms of policy, as they seem to be suggesting they will go ahead with it anyway.

Interestingly enough on the Local front according to press reports the SNP/Liberal Democrat Administration will be cutting £1.1 Million from the Education budget in Renfrewshire and over half a Million from the Social Work budget, what the PDE didn't cover was that despite being very specific about the amounts being cut, the SNP were not so forthcoming in terms of what this would mean to front line services and staff, we shall wait and see.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007



This Sunday starting from Glasgow Green there is a massive cycle race, starting from Glasgow and heading to Edinburgh click on the link above to find out more information but it is in aid of Leukemia Research one of my FAVOURITE charities!!

Alastair Campbell is opening the event, he has been a major supporter of the charity for sometime, if you are interested visit the website get involved!



When I was the Local Councillor and the Deputy Convenor for Community and Family Care, last year and the year before I had the privilege of being invited along to the Walk for Hope in Paisley Town Centre, and even though I am no longer in that role I was intending in joining the walkers through the town centre on Saturday. Unfortunately due to work commitments I was unable to attend but I was delighted to see the article in the paper today, over 100 people took part according to the coverage and I am delighted by the response.

Recently the issue of suicide prevention has taken a more personal theme for me as one of my friends recently lost a brother to suicide, no one can understand the grief and confusion that comes unless you have been through it yourself, last year I spoke to many mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of people who had committed suicide and saw first hand the excellent work carried out by all of the agencies but in particular Rosemary Mullan and the team at Choose Life, I was delighted they got such a good response this year and fully intend on being with them next year.

Anyone interested should visit the Wynd Centre in Paisley tomorrow between 10am and 1pm for the excellent information morning co-ordinated by ChooseLife Renfrewshire and involving Breathing Space, First Crisis and ChooseLife, remember you are not alone and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The girls enjoy some time out!

The photo is of the dogs enjoying a day out in Erskine. There are some fantastic walks in this part of Renfrewshire so if you are looking for something to do today keep it in mind.

Sunday, August 19, 2007



OK so it lastest quite a while more than one week, a couple of months to be more precise but I have noticed an interesting trend in the results of late. When I first posed the question regarding the nature of proportional representation and whether or not it gives a disproportionate amount of power to smaller parties the results were vastly different from those I am about to announce. At the beginning it was almost equal, and the no's even had it by a slight margin, but you will see now that the results are pretty conclusive...

The Question: Proportional Representation gives a disproportionate amount of power to smaller parties

The Answers ...

Totally Agree: 72% (144 votes)

Agree: 0% (0 Votes)

Don't Know: 0% (0 Votes)

Disagree: 6% (12 Votes)

Totally Disagree: 22% (43 Votes)

Now before anyone starts on about me doctoring the figures by voting loads of times myself, I set up the poll so that you (including me) can only vote once in a year! This stopped the usual suspects (you know who you are) from trying to skew the results to the response that suited their agenda.

It happens that this was my opinion, that proportional representation is disproportionately favourable to the smaller 'King Maker' parties like the Greens in Holyrood or the Liberals in Renfrewshire Council, their agenda is foisted onto a public that didn't vote for it, and in some cases the parties didn't even stand enough candidates to win the election (Greens nationally and the Liberals on Renfrewshire Council) and so were always intending on being the King Makers so to speak. I can't help but wonder if the reason the voting patterns for this poll changed so dramatically over time, was that those getting involved noticed something either nationally or locally which drew them to this conclusion? It would be interesting to know.

For now thanks for dropping by,and thanks for voting, I will get another poll up and running pretty soon.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Got my hair cut and coloured last Saturday for a gorgeous wedding. Loving it, doubt if I could get it to look like this again though! Eventually got round to getting it cut, again another of those things that I never got time for during the campaign so delighted I had time to sit down for two hours and get it cut and coloured, also delighted that there is a fantastic hairdressers down the road from my flat!

Thursday, August 09, 2007



This is another mobile post so Bessie does not feel left out, she may look cute but she is fierce!



This is the first blog entry I have made in a while and it is also the first blog entry I have made via my mobile phone. I must admit I wanted to get the mobile blogging up and running during the recent elections but the service was only available in the US at that time so had to wait.

The above photo is of Molly (of course) taken with my new camera phone extrodinaire blogging, photos, video messages and calling the lot very impressed with it so far.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Due to my work I don't usually get home till after 7pm so imagine my surprise when I got home tonight and saw the letter from the TV Licensing people telling me that they were planning to take further action because according to their records I don't have a TV license.

I might not be the best organiser in the world but the TV license was the first thing that I did when I moved into my flat, actually didn't even have a TV yet when I did it!! This is the second time that I have received a letter like this the first time I called and advised the girl at the end of the phone of my TV license number and she advised she would put a note on the system, this time I tried to visit the website (tried calling first but they were closed) and it is under construction!!! So if you are out there TV people I HAVE A LICENSE and a DIRECT DEBIT to prove it.



I am not long back from work and I have been checking out the news on the BBC website and happened to notice the SNP's new education announcement, what struck me the most -apart from it falling short of their election promises- was that they have said that the Scottish Executive will absorb the £9 Million cost involved without telling you where they are getting it from?

As my gran used to say 'It was worth a try' but how long did they think they would get away with doing this?

In other not so new news, the SNP's transport policy is going down the drain after their previous announcements that they would scrap the trams and rail link in Edinburgh (no they would look at them, no they would scrap them, fiasco) the Auditor has come back pretty much saying that the only problem with the Rail link is that key decisions have yet to be made, pretty much down to the SNP floundering then! They were desperate to have the Edinburgh trams stopped saying we could spend the money better (before the auditor had actually come to any decisions that is), now what will be the tune?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007



I am sure there are mobile phone networks that are really good at customer services but the one I am with (who for the moment shall remain nameless) is absolutely awful!! I have spent a total of two hours on hold over the last two months trying to get a decent upgrade for my phone (once for half an hour on the option I am THINKING of cancelling my contract), I have been with them for sometime and spend a significant amount of money with them (I rarely use my home phone) and they are still moaning about it, they even went as far as to give me the code I need to transfer my number over to someone else.

It got me thinking though, I spend a fair amount on my mobile and I have been looking around for a better deal always keeping in mind that I have to check the signal for the areas that I am most likely to be in first, and there are some great deals out there, from unlimited texts and calls at the weekends to free mobile Internet for two months, yet something is missing. Is it just me or have the UK mobile phone companies yet to convince the UK population that the service is about more than the phone? I want a Nokia N95 (Highly unlikely that I will end up getting one) and have been looking around as to who will give me one Free of Charge, then looking at the deals they offer, for me it is the functionality of the handset then the network deal.

You can see they are trying to move away from this towards the service they provide you only have to look at the most recent adverts by T-Mobile and Orange concentrating on the web and walk and pay as you go reserve tank respectively, did you hear a phone make or model mentioned? I understand why they do it, but I must admit I think they are on a losing battle at least one of the networks has been doing this for about three years and as yet they have been largely unsuccessful because when your contract is up all you want to know is.... What kind of new phone can I get and is it free?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



I was delighted to see the new Equality Law includes legislation to allow women the legal right to breast feed in public, a right that Scottish women already have thanks to the previous Labour led Scottish Executive. As a Councillor one of the things that I developed an interest in was the rates of breast feeding throughout Renfrewshire and the correlation that this had between poverty and ill health, it was appalling, however, with the Breast Feeding awareness information and groups that have been planned by the promotion service the rate has increased significantly in some areas. The Scottish Neighbour Statistics and the Scottish Health profiles record this data and anyone interested can visit the website of the Office of National Statistics or the Scottish Executive.

The right to breast feed without getting asked to leave a cafe or restaurant is important, it is not just the babies that need socialisation but the mothers as well and sometimes getting out for a coffee (decaf of course) is a major release, sometimes going shopping is a major release and you cannot tell the baby to wait till it gets home. I for one am 100% behind this and hope that all parties can agree with at least this section of the legislation.



In our house you knew it was a birthday when the Guinness cake came out and so because one of the girls at work had a birthday today my mum made a cake! I know some of my old colleagues from T-Mobile will be raging at this point because they used to love it, I keep meaning to put on the recipe however the cake and scones went down really well.

So happy birthday (you know who you are!) have a nice night and enjoy yourself.

Monday, June 11, 2007



So this is the first video clip that I have been able to upload on youtube of the girls at play, I know it is probably going to come out wrong (the video clip might be on it's side! Ideas on how to fix this without having to re take it are gratefully received). So enjoy!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007



I realised recently that I did not introduce the new poll on the left hand side of the page, it seems to be getting a bit of interest anyway, but the question is an important one, so have your say,

Do you think that proportional representation gives a disproportionate amount of power to the smaller parties?

Go on results will be released towards the end of the month leaving this one up a little longer as it is really important.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007



Because I take the bus to work , I picked up the first book I could find in the flat this morning to read to and from work and while I was on my breaks, and it just happened to be 'Don't Ever Tell' by Kathy O'Beirne. I think a friend loaned me it a while back (don't worry Pauline you will get it back) and I never got round to reading it, so glad I picked it up today it is fab, depressing but fab, there were a few times where it made my skin crawl and I am only a quarter of the way through it.

Simply put it is an excellently written piece and well worth the read, I would recommend it to Cardinal Keith O'Brien who has been talking a lot lately about the Catholic Church's role in child protection (whether they be born or unborn) yet another reason why he should not get involved in the political debate your past always comes back to bite you. Before the zealots attack me I am being a little flippant but that is because I am angered by the Cardinal's statements last week and his inability to take other people's feelings into account.

Monday, June 04, 2007



I have chaired public meetings with over 100 people at them, I have dealt with angry constituents baying for blood, but when it comes to starting a new job I must admit I did feel a little nervous.

As it turns out there was no need they are all lovely (and I am not just saying this because someone threatened to google me) and a really good laugh, looking forward to going back tomorrow.

Friday, June 01, 2007



This is because I know you are all really worried about me being unemployed and all, I was offered a job yesterday, don't want to say too much about it till I start and get settled in but I am delighted.

Will try and get back into the swing of blogging in the next couple of weeks, have been a bit lazy about it all lately.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007



At the Paisley East End Parking Scheme Public Hearing many local people got the opportunity to object to the current proposals for changing parking in the East End of Paisley.

The reporter, Patrick Hetherington, will weigh the evidence and make his report to the council in the near future.

Local councillor Jim Sharkey called for 2 permits for those households and businesses that require them. He said...

"Having listened to all the evidence I am convinced that working families will be penalised unless the council is prepared to move on the issue of 2 free permits to each of the residents and I feel a powerful case was made by the local businesses to have the same. I am especially pleased that the council is going to make the disabled parking spaces mandatory. That upgrades the provision for disabled people in the area and I welcome that."

Local activist Rayleen Kelly said...

"I’m glad that the Labour councillors are agreeing with my campaign to have more than one permit and that the permit must be free and I hope that the issue of visitors’ parking will be similarly considered. I am more worried about the former transport spokesperson of the SNP’s involvement in case he revives his 1997 plan to charge £10 for the residents’ permits."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007



At a meeting last week a few of my ex constituents mentioned that they read my blog and asked how Molly and Bessie were getting on, so I decided to take a few more photos of the girls and post them.

The above is Molly on the couch taking up as much room as possible, she has been known to kick you off the couch if you start to get into her space.

Below is Bessie, she sits on the top of the couch watching everything going on and leaping off the chair to bark at anything and everything, that and nothing! She is having a running fight with a Magpie in the back garden who sits on the porch roof to annoy her!

Monday, May 28, 2007



Saw this today in the Guardian and thought that it was interesting the main point is that the minimum wage introduced by the Labour Government has made a major impact on the lives of low paid workers, a lot done and a lot more to do, check it out if you get a chance.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007



Given that the SSP now no longer have ANY MSPs and therefore do not have the money from these MSPs I am wondering if they will survive for very long? They will have lost at least £140,000 a year (at least according to their own admission, half of the MSPs salary went towards the parties coffers). So it will be interesting to see if they are able to survive without it, don't get me wrong I am not suggesting that I want them to fail but given the likes of Ms Kane and others previously spouting the nonsense that they didn't take the whole allowance it will certainly be interesting to see if they can continue without it.

Monday, May 21, 2007



OK quick post, but how many other people think it is rich of the SNP to go on about how other parties should not take advantage of the fact that one of their members will shortly be on maternity leave given that they were the ones to pull out of the pairing arrangement?

For those that don't know the pairing arrangement is where opposition members are paired off and if there is an illness or maternity leave the corresponding member does not vote, the SNP pulled out of this arrangement in Holyrood, now it seems they may come to regret it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The New Statesman


I keep meaning to put this link on the blog but have been a little busy finding a job lately so here goes...
If you click on 'The New Statesman' above you will be taken (as if by magic) to the Election 2007 blog, among the entries is one from yours truly!! Check it out I stand by everything that I have written.



(photo courtesy of Jodi Picoult official website)

I have just finished reading this book and I am always pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns in the plot and how it never turns out the way you think it will, I will not spoil it for all those who have yet to read it but it is definitely worth a look.

I must admit to being a bit of a fan since buying one of Ms Picoult's books in ASDA one afternoon thinking my mum might like it, I never thought that I would be the one looking forward to the next one coming out. If you haven't read any of her books I would advise that you start from the beginning of the list on the inside cover, a lot of the characters are recurring and it makes more sense if you follow the script, definitely worth the read.
Click on the link above for more information on Ms Picoult and her work.

Monday, May 14, 2007



The best argument against Proportional Representation has been played out in Renfrewshire Council over the last week. Despite the Labour Party getting more votes than the SNP (I say this to cover the moral authority argument) the Liberal Democrats (who had less than 10% of the vote) have decided that they would sell their souls to the SNP for the chance of a disproportionate say in the running of Renfrewshire Council.

Ms McCartin is a hypocrite of the highest order ( I can say this now cause I don't have to be nice to her or stay within the boundaries set down by the Standards Commission) she suggested at previous full council meetings that PR was a fairer system of government, sorry it is not. When smaller parties (who don't even field enough candidates to win control) get to say who will be the controlling party, how is that fairer? More to the point how is this democracy? Answers on a post card but you better believe that the Liberals will have a major influence in the positions on offer, the reason? Derek is easy fodder for the likes of Eileen, she knows that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain and will milk him for all it is worth, the worst bit is that he is too scared not to let her.

Sad day for the voting public of Renfrewshire, and before anyone says this is sour grapes, it couldn't be further from my mind, with this shower in power I am kind of glad I didn't get back in I will have to spend enough of my time in four years along with the rest of the Labour group fixing their massive mistakes.

Thursday, May 10, 2007



Most of you will know by now that I was not re elected last Thursday and I would be lying if I said that I was not really upset about it, however, I noticed from the results that we VERY close to getting two Labour members elected and this will be our goal the next time round whether or not I am the other candidate time will tell!

I wanted to take this time to thank all of you have sent messages of good luck and best wishes including some of my opposition who have been extremely kind. I have been honoured to be the last Councillor for the Seedhill ward on the Council and I hope that I have made a difference to the people that matter, my ex constituents, don't worry though I will be keeping in touch and I hope that you will all too.

Thanks must also go to my Labour colleagues who have been fantastic, Cllr Tommy Williams, Wendy Alexander MSP and Irene Adams to name but a few have been very supportive and I am honoured to call them my colleagues and friends.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007



This just in Salmond dodges the question, when asked if the SNP lost the referendum on independence would they continue to ask until the Scottish people were sick of listening to it? He ruled it out by saying that the constitutional question was a once in a generation thing, then said well you know I can't commit the SNP to a long term strategy? Is he thinking he won't be here after Thursday anyway? Is he thinking he will be sent back to Westminster to think again? I do!

The problem is that he can't answer this question honestly because he knows that the people of Scotland by a majority want to stay a part of the UK.



Today is the official birthday of the Union with England and Blair's 10th Anniversary as the PM. Today is the day when Blair announced that he would within the next week announce his date of departure, and hinted at support for Brown to become the next Labour Prime Minister.

So Happy Birthday to the union, let Scotland make it a happy one with a vote for a positive and healthy future within the UK. Lets make Scotland within the UK a stronger and more vibrant place by working together instead of trying to break it apart. I am sick of the SNP telling me that because I think Scotland is stronger in the Union I am somehow talking Scotland down, this is absolute nonsense, just because I believe that we are stronger together than we are apart does not mean that I am unpatriotic otherwise every union member in Scotland would be unpatriotic the motto of the Trade Union movement is 'together we stand divided we fall'.

I urge the Scottish people to prove this to the SNP on Thursday by ...


Monday, April 30, 2007



You will see from the photos below that the Scottish Power people have been out and repainted the Sub Station at the East End Park, they had advised me (as you will see from previous posts) that it can take up to three weeks for the work to be carried out but I am delighted to advise that the work is now finished.

A huge thanks to the gentleman at Scottish Power who helped do this and I have sent photos of the graffiti free sub station to the local community police to ask that they log this.

I have been informed that there have been two people charged with vandalism for graffiti offenses in the last couple of months in Seedhill so we are winning.

Sunday, April 29, 2007



The BBC website has a really good explanation of how to vote in the elections on Thursday, if you are still even slightly confused go and check it out, just click on the title 'ELECTION FEVER' above and it will take you straight to the article.



This weekend was the final Saturday street stall of the campaign and the parties were out in force, there were a few well kept faces including some of the normal pathetic gimmicks, however the majority of campaigners were working hard to convince the electorate to vote for them. Both of our Labour MSPs candidates were present and Wendy and Hugh received an extremely positive reception, and there was an excellent turn out including a visit from Catherine Stihler MEP for the area.

Thursday, April 26, 2007



The last meeting of Renfrewshire Council for the term 2003 to 2007 has just finished, the meeting was actually very well behaved and the tributes to those members who are leaving were obviously from the heart. Cllr McDowell reminded the members of previous elections where apparently Cllr Mitchell of the SNP walked up and down the town centre with a TV above his head, don't ask because I have no idea why.

The main item on the agenda was the motion from Cllr Mark McMillan regarding the custody centre proposed for the Castle Gardens area in Renfrewshire, two other Labour Councillors Cllr Terry Kelly and Cllr Tommy Williams amended the motion to include a condemnation of the Police Board for not recognising the concerns of the local representatives on the board over the lack of consultation.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007



As they say on TV there now follows a party political broadcast from the Scottish Labour Party....


Monday, April 23, 2007



OK so I left this poll up a bit longer than a week, I think I will rename the section this months poll as it is more accurate. Anyway of those that answered over 50% of respondents said they would definitely use a credit union if it was situated close to them. Although there was a sizable number of respondents who advised they would not use the service (around 40% between definitely not and probably not) the majority have voiced a positive opinion, so get yourselves along to the Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union on Paisley High Street and join up!

Check out the latest poll on the right hand side of the page, to what extent do you agree with the following statement... 'I know who I will vote for in the elections on May 3rd'



(Photo from BBC Five Live website)

My sister alerted me to this at the weekend and I must admit I was sceptical, and by this I mean I was thinking it is 2007, SURELY Ms Oatley is not the first woman to commentate on Match of the day? or TV as a whole on a football game? However it seems I was wrong and although there are some dinosaurs out there saying they will never watch the BBC football programme ever again because she is commentating most of the comments I have read/heard have been positive, so good on you Jacqui Oatley I will certainly be more likely to listen now, just to make up for the idiots who say that women can't possibly know as much as men when it comes to football!



The SNP would have us all believe that the Labour Party only want to talk Scotland down, that there is something wrong with you if you are pro Scotland and pro Union, but don't worry this is clearly not the case.

You can't get more pro Scotland than the Scottish Football Manager and he has recently (along with other top managers and ex players) signed an advert advising the Scottish public to vote for the Union in the elections on May 3rd.

The SNP's assertion that you have to be pro independence to be patriotic is laughable, I am proud to be from Paisley, proud to be Scottish and proud to part of the Union,


Thursday, April 19, 2007



Tonight was the last surgery held for the Seedhill ward in Renfrewshire Council, you can't help but be struck by the enormity of the changes coming into effect on the 3rd of May. The surgery was quiet, it is normally but, it gives you a chance to catch up on correspondence and papers that you should read etc. Tonight only two visitors, the first to say thank you for helping with an issue which is always lovely and I thank the individual in person for their kind sentiments, the second was an ongoing issue which I was able to get sorted this afternoon.

So to those who have been at my surgeries over the last four years I wanted to say thank you, no doubt the surgery arrangements will change post May but if re-elected I hope to improve on them, many ideas and more are welcome.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007



Capability Scotland have launched a pretty good website explaining the voting system for the Local Government elections in May, I saw an article in the local Paisley Daily Express and thought that I would check it out. It is an excellent resource for information for disabled voters to see what help they are entitled to, and there is a section on the single transferable vote system explaining that instead of using an X you should use the numbers 1, 2, 3 etc instead.

Check out the website by clicking on the title 'Councillor Rayleen Kelly' above and it will take you straight to the Vote 2007 webpage.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007



It turns out that the SSP either can't count or don't mind misleading the electorate online, if you click on the title above 'SSP CAN'T COUNT' You will see proof that they are suggesting that they are standing a candidate in EVERY Council ward in among other places our very own Renfrewshire. Now there are 11 wards in the new make up of Renfrewshire Council but, it seems that the SSP think that 8 is the same as 11 as the former is the number of Council candidates they are standing, exactly the same number of candidates Solidarity are standing locally as well!

Also on a similar note it is worth pointing out that although the Liberals are suggesting they want to change the Council they should be pointing out that they are only standing one more candidate than the Conservatives, with them standing 12 and the Conservatives are standing 11, maybe they should be more honest and tell their electorate what they intend to do with the members they get in? Who exactly would they go into coalition with? Or are they just saying what they like because they have no intention on implementing it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Today saw the launch of the Labour Party's national manifesto putting Education, Community Safety and Regeneration of Town Centres at the heart of our promises to the electorate.

  • Making Scottish Education 'the best in the world by 2020'
  • Make leaving school at 16 and 17 conditional on those people staying in education, training or full-time volunteering.
  • Expand free education for three to five-year-olds.
  • Expand the Project Scotland youth volunteering scheme and create a programme for older people.
  • Give children access to language tuition from Primary three onwards.
  • Discipline code to set out rights and responsibilities of teachers, parents and pupils and legislate to give head teachers the authority to exclude pupils.
  • Double the number of community wardens to more than 1,000 and expand environmental wardens.
  • New police powers to tackle serious and organised crime, gangland criminals and take advantage of new technology.
  • Establish town centre trusts, with legal powers to initiate compulsory purchase orders.
  • Invest an initial £50m into a community fund for turning round town centres and attract further public and private funding.
  • National helpline for older people.
  • Improve support for victims of crime

The above are simply a sample of the promises that the Labour Party are making to the electorate, if you want to know more click on the title above and it will take you to the full manifesto.

Labour have delivered for our communities and with a Labour Administration in Renfrewshire Council and a Labour controlled Scottish Executive we will continue to deliver.




Saturday, April 07, 2007



Thought that I should put on a short post to say Happy Easter to all of you out there in Blog city in Internet world, hope you all enjoy your long weekend. If you are out and about in Paisley tomorrow and looking for something to do the weather is supposed to be excellent why not try going to Barshaw park and rolling your eggs down the hill, sounds corny I know but it is a lot of fun.
What ever you do enjoy yourselves.

ROMA 2006


OK I know I am labouring the point but, I was looking through some posts and I had suggested that when my sister gave me copies of the photos that she took I would post them on here, I now have them so I have posted some below...

The postcard shot from the top of St Peters Basilica

Me at the Vatican

Statues on the roof of the Vatican

Me checking out the sights of Rome

As you can see from the photos the weather was outstanding especially for October and I am so grateful to my mum and my sister without whom I would never have gotten to go as they paid for a huge chunk of it for my Birthday present.

Thursday, April 05, 2007



Campaigning is going well and the election is well under way but both Jim Sharkey and myself are reminded doing the rounds that unfortunately in 2003 there were some voters who lost their vote because they had forgotten to send back their forms, so if you were one of them remember you have until the 18th of April 2007 to register to vote.

Click on the title 'Councillor Rayleen Kelly' above and it will take you to the electoral registration form, it gives you the address to send the form back to ...

The Electoral Registration Officer
Renfrewshire Joint Valuation Board
16 Glasgow Road

Get on the register and use your voice,
Vote Labour on May the 3rd!



Short update, I am literally just off the phone to a lovely Scottish Power engineer who was standing at the sub station in the East End Park further to my request for the graffiti to be removed. I call Chris lovely because he has told me that Scottish Power are going to put the East End Substation onto the rolling maintenance scheme where the painting is done every six months.

Further to this the graffiti removal should take place within the next 30 days and I have notified the Police so that they can pay particular attention to this area in the coming weeks and months.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007



For those interested constituents, I have been working on getting the graffiti removed from the sub station in the East End Park, I have written to Scottish Power on a number of occasions and they had previously assured me that they had put the Sub Station onto a planned maintenance programme, however it does seem to have slipped through the net, so we are trying to get them to repaint it again. I have been working with the Police locally in an effort to stem the vandalism in the East End and we have been somewhat successful with a number of people charged for the graffiti.

If you see graffiti in your area contact your local Councillor to ask for their assistance, in Renfrewshire we have a graffiti hit squad that can remove the graffiti from council owned properties and help private owners as well, to report the graffiti please contact Renfrewshire Council.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


John Swinney on the TV this evening on Newsnight Scotland, someone obviously upset him, he could not get away from the fact that the SNP's sums are questionable! He couldn't and didn't even try to explain why he didn't agree! He couldn't answer, when it was put to him that the SNP's sums based on the Oil figures have not taken into account the fall in oil price and that since the budget figures last year the oil revenues have dropped £5 Billion, which Wendy Alexander pointed out is half the budget for the Scottish Health service. For the party's economic spokesman this should be very simple, that is if they have the answers?

The question for voters now is... Why don't the SNP have the answers to Labour's questions? The answer because they have not done their sums properly instead of giving the Scottish People the truth they are trying to con them, instead of 'Building Scotland' like the Labour Party the SNP are trying to 'Break Scotland'!



Those who read the Paisley Daily Express will notice that Jack McConnell was in Paisley yesterday talking to the public, business leaders and elected members about the problems affecting Paisley Town Centre. A quote from the Chair of the Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce pointed out that this is not just a Paisley Town Centre issue and that is why Labour are promising £50 Million to rejuvenate Scotland's town centres.

Jack spoke to a number of people and I doubt that everyone agreed with him, but, when they spoke to him he listened, and this puts into practise his answer to the question of leadership put to him on Sunday on Scottish Television's debate. While wee Alex couldn't even answer after being asked the same question for a fourth time, Jack McConnell was not only able to answer first time but answer honestly and with dignity. While visiting in the town centre of Paisley Jack heard many ideas from the public and I am sure that he will take on board everything that was said to him, good or bad.

The town centre is a major issue and one which the Labour Controlled Council take seriously while our opponents try for quick fix solutions the Labour party are looking for the long lasting change that will serve the people of Renfrewshire, as shown through the £7,500 recently pledged for Town Centre Wardens, helping to make Paisley safer.

Saturday, March 31, 2007



On this blog you will notice that I have a statcounter logo, this shows me the breakdown of how many visitors are coming from where and the last place you have been... obviously virtually this is why I am aware of a forum all about football called pie and bovril. Checked it out and they are talking (as are a lot of others) about the St Mirren training complex at Penilee and a lot of the sentiments are those echoed in the blackandwhitearmy site, however there are a few things I wanted to clear up...

  1. Ralston is in Paisley, and in Renfrewshire.
  2. The new boundaries were not as a result of any suggestion by the Labour group but were in fact the original proposals of the Boundary Commission.
  3. The proposals for the St Mirren training complex were put to the Community and Family Care policy board and the Labour members voted for it, the Liberal, and SNP members voted against it. In fact the Liberals tried to stop it through the planning committee as well (aided by the SNP's Cllr Mylet). The report to the Community and Family Care allowed the Council officers to go forward with the proposals and bring a more in depth report back to a future committee.
  4. St Mirren are actually contributing around £470,000, the £120,000 capital contribution and £10,000 for rent, on top of this they will also maintain the area which costs about £25,000 annually, the rent and maintenance will be over 10 years.
  5. Paisley is not losing more pitches, the Glasgow Airport Rail link will mean that the St James playing fields loses two pitches out of 22 at present (many of which are unplayable if it rains). The remaining 20 will be upgraded with proper drainage and excellent new changing facilities. Seedhill is being upgraded, and pitches around Renfrewshire will be upgraded while the work in St James for the rail link is underway so that no facilities will be lost while construction is underway.

Hope that helps! Anyone wanting more information on the proposals should check out previous post on this website and check out Renfrewshire Council's website and check out the report put to the Community and Family Care board.

I know that there have been other questions and some bizarre assertions on this forum but thought the top were the ones that needed the most attention, especially the one about Ralston not being in Renfrewshire.



This evening the Labour group on Renfrewshire Council organised a farewell meal to say thank you and goodbye to the Councillor's who are leaving us at the next election. Cllr Tommy Williams (who made the vote of thanks to the retirees) pointed out that between the six they had notched up over 110 years of public service!! I know that some of the media have been critical of the severance payments for Councillor's but when you take into account their length of service to the community, and that many of the retiring Councillors left jobs that would have provided them with a pension and are now leaving the Council without one I don't think that it is so shocking.

The Labour Councillor's in Renfrewshire who are retiring wanted to thank the electorate for their trust, they wanted to thank them for their support and to thank their Council colleagues.

Councillor's McGerty (former Deputy Provost), McNally (Deputy Provost), McDowell (Former Provost) and Jim Harkins (Leader of Renfrewshire Council)

(All of the Renfrewshire Labour Councillor's Present)

Thanks have to go to Cllr McDowell for his expert organisation, Cllr Tommy Williams for his excellent and funny vote of thanks and my fellow Councillors for their support and stories! Also to Former Provost Nancy Alison for her support and attendance this evening, she has some great stories!

On a separate note thanks also to the staff of the Watermill Hotel who made the night so memorable.

Friday, March 30, 2007



Yesterday afternoon I attended the school board at St John Ogilvie, the last before the elections in May. The meetings here are always really positive and there is always loads going on the school especially round about this time. I gave an update on the contamination issues at the Seedhill Playing Fields, previously we had asked for a plain English briefing and last week I forwarded this to the Headteacher. A positive discussion took place, and although there are still outstanding issues, I assured the board that no matter who was the Councillor next time round that I was sure that the safety of the pupils, staff and wider community would be first.

On a personal note I wanted to thank the school board and PTA for their support over my tenure as the Councillor for Seedhill, it is strange to think that I will be the last Councillor for the ward of Seedhill as it stands at present, it has been a turbulent four years but I am really looking forward to representing the area in the years to come.

Thursday, March 29, 2007



After reading the Paisley Express a couple of weeks ago and the electronic bulletin from the Renfrewshire Council of Voluntary Services, I decided to book myself a place for the Hustings they were hosting. I must admit when I arrived (about twenty five minutes early) I was wondering about the turnout thinking that they had really rolled the boat out, it turns out that PACE were hosting their annual Theatre School event in the theatre, hope it went as well as the hustings.

Most of the hustings I have been at have been heavily packed by political parties, and although this one was not really that different (quite a few Councillors and Candidates were there) it did start to restore my faith in this type of meeting. All of the candidates outlined their strategy and all tried to stick to the point some better than others, although to be fair to the Tory Mr Begg he had only been drafted in at the last minute! To be honest the best candidates were probably the Green and Wendy. The Green was surprisingly good some of his answers gave you reason to consider his theories, I am obviously going to say I thought Wendy was best (although that does not mean she wasn't).

The night was extremely successful and the candidates were all in agreement that the voluntary sector has an important part to play in the provision of service. Thanks to the organisers including Scott who sold me the Jute bag (trying to hide it from my sister or she will want one too) the RCVS does excellent work and I am glad that I went this evening.



It turns out that my opposition for Paisley East and Ralston are reading this site, so to them I say welcome, glad to see Susie is enjoying it hence her comment that the last two posts on here are 'nonsense' (Direct quote from her this evening). Despite her assertion that we have never met (another mistake by the candidate) she did recognise me hence the side comment to her friend at the beginning about not being misquoted despite my never having quoted her here!? (yeah,sorry Susie I heard you!)

So to all thanks for your visits and feel free to comment as well, but remember no anonymous posters will be published and no foul language, thanks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The Paisley Daily Express today is carrying an article on the anger of St Mirren fans to the Lib Dem plans to block the St Mirren training facility at Penilee...

'Seething St Mirren fans are urging Buddies to give the Lib-Dems the boot at the ballot box. Supporters are angry that the Liberals are trying to delay a multi-million pound project which would transform the crumbling Penilee pavilion into a super sports complex.' Paisley Daily Express (Andy Newport) 27th March 2007

It seems that the website - a site for St Mirren's fans- has erupted into fury over the Lib Dems, it quotes one fan as saying ...

'The Liberal Democrats are going around trying to drum up support to stop the St Mirren training complex and youth academy at Penilee going ahead. With an election coming up I thought political parties would do things to attract voters - not put them off. Maybe they should remember that there are an awful lot of St Mirren fans who support the idea of the club having a proper training set-up and who have a vote in the May elections.'

There are a lot of mistruths going round about this particular project and the Lib Dems have put round a leaflet trying to scare the people of the community into organising against it, this tells us all we need to know. Instead of talking up the opportunities this gives the people of Ralston, the East End and Renfrewshire as a whole the Liberals are content to knock back any idea, unless of course they are pretty sure it won't go ahead, this way they can blame everyone else for their ineffectual conduct on the Council, both Jim and I are behind St Mirren, behind the Council and behind this project.

I will leave you with the thoughts of one Paisley Buddie from the aforementioned webpage ...

'Not only should Saints fans all over Renfrewshire not vote for the Lib-Dems we should be getting out there and exposing their underhand tactics as a cheap way of getting votes in Ralston at the expense of St Mirren.'

Paisley East and Ralston blog has an interesting article on the current situation with the Liberal Democrats and St Mirren over the Penilee pavilion, worth a look (I would say that being one of the candidates!) I have digested the post here...

The Lib-Dem councillor for Ralston would rather see what amounts to a pub being built at Penilee Playing Fields instead of a football academy for youngsters and a training facility for St Mirren. Jim Sharkey, who is secretary of Ralston Community Council and whose house looks on to the playing fields was speaking after he attended a public meeting called by Lib-Dem Councillor Nan Macgregor who opposes plans to redevelop the derelict playing fields and pavilion.

Mr Sharkey, who will be one of two Labour candidates in Ralston and Paisley East in the council elections in May, said:

"Councillor MacGregor told the public meeting she would rather the playing fields be given over to a local rugby club who had previously proposed building a licensed clubhouse beside the pitches and licensed premises is something the vast majority of people in Ralston don’t want to see there."I have been knocking on doors and the message I have been getting is that people just want something positive to happen to the Penilee Playing Fields as the place has been derelict for years. This is exactly what is being proposed."

Saturday, March 24, 2007



Campaigning started in force today with the Labour Party out in their numbers in Paisley Town Centre, despite what the national polling data has been telling us, the people of Paisley have been extremely positive about Labour's Achievement's both Nationally and Locally, they know that Labour is delivering for the people of Renfrewshire. Paisley's candidates were accompanied by MSP and Minister for Education Hugh Henry MSP.

I was absolutely delighted with the response we received and can only surmise that the reason that the opposition packed up and left so early was that they were so poorly received. Both Jim and I both wanted to thank the many people who thanked the Labour party for the efforts today and the many more who indicated that Labour are the only party in Scotland making a difference to their lives.

Friday, March 23, 2007



I thought that this was probably one of the best photos I have of Bessie the wonderdog, it looks as though she is asking 'what in gods name are you doing?' Not long after it was taken she lunged forward and licked the lens of the camera, she is a hoot! So thought post it and see if we get any comments, ONLY on the photo and the dog please try and keep it relevant!



OK I know I labeled it this week's poll but got so busy just kept forgetting to take it down and write about it. As expected the overwhelming majority of my visitors have advised that they would definitely be voting in this May's elections which is fabulous but we need to get the message out to everyone in our communities

'No Vote, No Voice, get registered!'

So just in case you are interested the vote went as follows ...

Definitely voting 81%
Quite Likely 5%
Definitely Not 14%

Feel free to take part in the new poll, how likely would you be to use a credit union facility in your area?



Renfrewshire Council have been working on the issue of Credit Union's for quite sometime, in my time as the Local Councillor for Seedhill I have been involved with the issue of a Credit Union that would cover Seedhill for a long time, and I am delighted that this new Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union will give my constituents the chance to save and borrow in a safe environment.

Thanks have to go to Anne Wylie the Council's Credit Union Development Worker as she has been working on this project for quite some time and I among others are very grateful for all of her help and support.

Renfrewshire Credit Union's premises can be found at 39 High Street, Paisley, 0141 889 7442.


Please note all postings on this blog are of a personal nature and do not reflect the opinions of either Renfrewshire Council, the Scottish Labour Party or Renfrewshire Labour Group. NB No annonymous comments will be published on this blog if you have something to say have the courage to identify yourself.