Saturday, March 24, 2007



Campaigning started in force today with the Labour Party out in their numbers in Paisley Town Centre, despite what the national polling data has been telling us, the people of Paisley have been extremely positive about Labour's Achievement's both Nationally and Locally, they know that Labour is delivering for the people of Renfrewshire. Paisley's candidates were accompanied by MSP and Minister for Education Hugh Henry MSP.

I was absolutely delighted with the response we received and can only surmise that the reason that the opposition packed up and left so early was that they were so poorly received. Both Jim and I both wanted to thank the many people who thanked the Labour party for the efforts today and the many more who indicated that Labour are the only party in Scotland making a difference to their lives.

Friday, March 23, 2007



I thought that this was probably one of the best photos I have of Bessie the wonderdog, it looks as though she is asking 'what in gods name are you doing?' Not long after it was taken she lunged forward and licked the lens of the camera, she is a hoot! So thought post it and see if we get any comments, ONLY on the photo and the dog please try and keep it relevant!



OK I know I labeled it this week's poll but got so busy just kept forgetting to take it down and write about it. As expected the overwhelming majority of my visitors have advised that they would definitely be voting in this May's elections which is fabulous but we need to get the message out to everyone in our communities

'No Vote, No Voice, get registered!'

So just in case you are interested the vote went as follows ...

Definitely voting 81%
Quite Likely 5%
Definitely Not 14%

Feel free to take part in the new poll, how likely would you be to use a credit union facility in your area?



Renfrewshire Council have been working on the issue of Credit Union's for quite sometime, in my time as the Local Councillor for Seedhill I have been involved with the issue of a Credit Union that would cover Seedhill for a long time, and I am delighted that this new Renfrewshire Wide Credit Union will give my constituents the chance to save and borrow in a safe environment.

Thanks have to go to Anne Wylie the Council's Credit Union Development Worker as she has been working on this project for quite some time and I among others are very grateful for all of her help and support.

Renfrewshire Credit Union's premises can be found at 39 High Street, Paisley, 0141 889 7442.



This is just a quick post to thank the Jenny's Well Seniors Forum for an extremely successful open day at Hunterhill Community Centre on Tuesday. I was delighted to be able to attend and meet the members and their friends, many of the people present came from Williamsburgh or Ralston, Lochfield and Gallowhill and even found one from Glenburn. There were stalls from a number of different agencies and the response they received was excellent, the Police were present and had a great range of leaflets including audio leaflets for the visually impaired, the Voter Registration officers were also present and from what I could tell had a healthy response to the No Vote No Voice campaign the Council has been running for a number of years.

So thanks to everyone who organised it and thanks to all of the members who made me feel very welcome.


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