Wednesday, June 06, 2007



I realised recently that I did not introduce the new poll on the left hand side of the page, it seems to be getting a bit of interest anyway, but the question is an important one, so have your say,

Do you think that proportional representation gives a disproportionate amount of power to the smaller parties?

Go on results will be released towards the end of the month leaving this one up a little longer as it is really important.

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Steve Withers said...

This question is a product of the mindset engendered by First Past the Post. Do the math. How could a party with only 10 seats out 100 have "disproportionate" power? The other 90 MPs would have no trouble voing them down EVERY time.

But.....if the two major parties behave in a typically confrontational, first-past-the-post way, then - yeah - a party or parties in the middle does become the key to passing law if no one party has a majority.

One would assume this would only happen if the two major paries find themselves totally unable to agree or work together.......yet....aren't they supposed to be the two most moderate and 'responsible" parties? If they are, how come they can't work together, but the smaller, so-called "fringe" parties can?

Just one of the many irrational objections to proportional representation, full of misapprehensions, misunderstandings and bare-naked stupidity.

If tere is no majority party, then all parties are minorities....and NONE has the right or the mandate to pretend otherwise.


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