Thursday, April 02, 2009

Race for Life


A group of the girlies from work and myself are going to be doing the Race for Life for cancer research in Glasgow this June. There are 11 of us taking part and the above link ( is where you would go to make a donation. We may only be walking the course but we are still training hard and hoping that we raise enough money to make all of us proud.

So many of our lives are touched by cancer and this is a great way of showing that you care, making a difference and who knows your donation of £5 could be that extra amount that funds the cure of this horrific disease. Over the last ten years alone we have made dramatic improvements in treatments and prevention so your donation really will make a difference.

Thanks have to go to TRS as they have been a fantastic support, please give generously, and thanks in advance from ...

Sharon, Rayleen, Karen, Sheila, Jennifer, Belinda, Nicola, Ashleigh, Charlene, Heather & Gillian. XXX


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