Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Today saw the launch of the Labour Party's national manifesto putting Education, Community Safety and Regeneration of Town Centres at the heart of our promises to the electorate.

  • Making Scottish Education 'the best in the world by 2020'
  • Make leaving school at 16 and 17 conditional on those people staying in education, training or full-time volunteering.
  • Expand free education for three to five-year-olds.
  • Expand the Project Scotland youth volunteering scheme and create a programme for older people.
  • Give children access to language tuition from Primary three onwards.
  • Discipline code to set out rights and responsibilities of teachers, parents and pupils and legislate to give head teachers the authority to exclude pupils.
  • Double the number of community wardens to more than 1,000 and expand environmental wardens.
  • New police powers to tackle serious and organised crime, gangland criminals and take advantage of new technology.
  • Establish town centre trusts, with legal powers to initiate compulsory purchase orders.
  • Invest an initial £50m into a community fund for turning round town centres and attract further public and private funding.
  • National helpline for older people.
  • Improve support for victims of crime

The above are simply a sample of the promises that the Labour Party are making to the electorate, if you want to know more click on the title above and it will take you to the full manifesto.

Labour have delivered for our communities and with a Labour Administration in Renfrewshire Council and a Labour controlled Scottish Executive we will continue to deliver.





Anonymous said...


Labour's manifesto states you will introduce 2 new council tax bands below A and above H.

Renfrewshire Band A has 14,306 households.
Renfrewshire Band H has 200 households.

Can you explain how <200 households in Band "H+" will subsidise the x,000 in Band "A-"? And how the bands will be split up? I would appreciate your answer.

Tartan Hero said...

And now Ken Livingstone supports a Local Income Tax for London, maybe Renfrewshire should have one too?

Rayleen Kelly said...

John MacLean: I will answer your point more fully hopefully this evening if I have time but quick qeustion are you the same John MacLean who writes to the Paisley Daily Express?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Tartan Hero: I am not sure what Ken Livingstone does or does not support, but I can confirm that the Labour Party does not support a local income tax, or rather the second phase poll tax as the SNP and Liberals suggest.

Anonymous said...

I have never written to the PDE.

Frankly, I wouldn't wipe my backside with the PDE.


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