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Most of you will know by now that I was not re elected last Thursday and I would be lying if I said that I was not really upset about it, however, I noticed from the results that we VERY close to getting two Labour members elected and this will be our goal the next time round whether or not I am the other candidate time will tell!

I wanted to take this time to thank all of you have sent messages of good luck and best wishes including some of my opposition who have been extremely kind. I have been honoured to be the last Councillor for the Seedhill ward on the Council and I hope that I have made a difference to the people that matter, my ex constituents, don't worry though I will be keeping in touch and I hope that you will all too.

Thanks must also go to my Labour colleagues who have been fantastic, Cllr Tommy Williams, Wendy Alexander MSP and Irene Adams to name but a few have been very supportive and I am honoured to call them my colleagues and friends.


RfS said...

I had a look at your full result published on the renfrewshire site and I have to say I don't recognise your version of events.

Sharkey was only elected on the last round when you were eliminated. the previous rounds showed that those that did not vote labour first tended not to vote for them second or third. This shows how unpopular the labour group is in seedhill. You face a massive up hill struggle next time round as sharkey was lucky to get in.

Rayleen Kelly said...

RFS: The exact results are not on the council website (I have seen those as well though and you are wrong).

No one is suggesting that the Seedhill playing fields is not an issue, no one is suggesting there is not stregnth of feeling (although some is more about NUMBY that greater good) but the idea that the Council or I were lying about this subject is not only offensive but stupid as well! Have a look at the first preference votes on the first round for a better idea!!

RfS said...

Are you saying that the pdf final reports on the council site are wrong? And if so are you going to complain?

I would. They look pretty official and are obviously misleading

Rayleen Kelly said...

RFS: No the results online are correct of course but those that are printed online are not the whole story have a look at the PDF file attached to the page and you will no doubt see what I mean.



Can't you actually say what you mean?

The PDF report is very clear. Jim Sharkey did not get voted in until the 7th stage of the the count. He received next to no support in secondary votes from anyone else and indeed only scraped in by the skin of hs teeth when you were eleiminated at this point and your votes were transferred to him.

Whether you agree with PF or not the facts are indisputable. I would also dearly love to see a breakdown of where the votes came from by polling station. I don't suppose you can point in the right direction to get this?

Rayleen Kelly said...

Abagail: Have another look at the PDF Celia Lawson was in a similar position to both myself and Jim Sharkey so it was extremely close in the end it came down to the Tory transfer votes!!

Also I don't know if the figures you ask for are available but if you wanted more information you should contact the council they would no doubt be able to point you in the right direction.

Also who is PF?

Paisley Buddie said...

You once again underestimated how much councillors in Paisley DIDN'T listen to the people of Paisley, who put them there. At a meeting with you I said that if you don't represent the people of Seedhill then the people would vote you out. All you said was 'Is that a threat!' Well now you know. Once voted into a position you are there to represent that comunity not TELL it how you want it to be!
Wishing you well in your new career.
The Friends of Seedhill Playing Fields.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Paisley Buddie: Thank you for identifying yourself, I can now advise the rest of the readers a little about you and your organisation. It is a purely political organisation formed by malcontents who had nothing better to do than try and attack the Labour Administration and the local member (myself)

Your suggestion otherwise was not born out by your bully boy conduct at the meeting in question, my guess is that you were most upset that you couldn't bully me into submission. Thanks for dropping by though I am pleased that you are so interested in my blog, although alittle concerned that you feel the need to hide behind a sudonym, but then cowards often do!

RfS said...

I did look at the PDF and those who do will see just how close the Labour group came to having no one in that ward. Pathetic spin by someone who is still smarting from being held to account over the councils arrogant attitude towards its population.

Rayleen Kelly said...

RFS: You obviously don't understand the system properly, again go back to the first preference votes. We did not even come close to having no representatives but if that is the spin you want ot put on it goan yersel everyone else can check it out for themselves.

George Dutton said...

I hope you well in the future Rayleen. I come on here and all I see is fighting. We should be taliking about the way forward.
What has happened...

What has gone down here is the fault and failure of NEW Labour in trying to play to the rich south of England and it has fail.

The people needed homes,NEW Labour failed them.

The people needed more then the minimum wage to live,NEW Labour failed them.

I could go on but Rayleen doesn`t like my long posts.

Rayleen to sum it all up you and your party failed at nearly every turn but have not been punished nearly enough in my view. Come back to your roots Rayleen don`t fight this lot fight for us in your party and change direction.

George Dutton said...

What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.

Wendell Phillips
US abolitionist (1811 - 1884)

RfS said...

So what you are saying is that you will base your statement on a single facet of a system and ignore the fundemental nature of it?

And are you not uncomfertable with the fact that tories were voting snp second rather than the other party of union? It damns you more than lawson to publish such a statement.

Rayleen Kelly said...

George: Without the Labour Government there wouldn't be a national minimum wage I stand by the a lot done but a lot more to do.

Rayleen Kelly said...

RFS: Check out my answer on the post above this, sorry answered it in the wrong place.

George Dutton said...

"lot more to do"

I would put it a LOT more stronger then that Rayleen.


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