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This evening the Labour group on Renfrewshire Council organised a farewell meal to say thank you and goodbye to the Councillor's who are leaving us at the next election. Cllr Tommy Williams (who made the vote of thanks to the retirees) pointed out that between the six they had notched up over 110 years of public service!! I know that some of the media have been critical of the severance payments for Councillor's but when you take into account their length of service to the community, and that many of the retiring Councillors left jobs that would have provided them with a pension and are now leaving the Council without one I don't think that it is so shocking.

The Labour Councillor's in Renfrewshire who are retiring wanted to thank the electorate for their trust, they wanted to thank them for their support and to thank their Council colleagues.

Councillor's McGerty (former Deputy Provost), McNally (Deputy Provost), McDowell (Former Provost) and Jim Harkins (Leader of Renfrewshire Council)

(All of the Renfrewshire Labour Councillor's Present)

Thanks have to go to Cllr McDowell for his expert organisation, Cllr Tommy Williams for his excellent and funny vote of thanks and my fellow Councillors for their support and stories! Also to Former Provost Nancy Alison for her support and attendance this evening, she has some great stories!

On a separate note thanks also to the staff of the Watermill Hotel who made the night so memorable.


Anonymous said...

red mist

Rayleen—I really can’t let you away with this one. Six retiring councillors with 110 years service between them means an average of about 18 years each.
Look at the changes in Paisley in the last 18 years and we will see their legacy.

Traffic flow is monstrous. The town centre is like a graveyard for old unused shops with many of the major retailers who are left wanting away. Local taxation is higher than it has ever been and services are in decline. There is no major industry to speak of. Drugs and crime are rampant in the housing schemes, and councillors are arranging congratulatory dinners in the midst of a child poverty crisis (let them eat cake). It’s sick.

As for the severance awards (pay-offs) which these people are being awarded, ask the people at your surgeries what they think those councillors deserve. I’m sure the answer won’t surprise you.

Just to clarify, because you either don’t or won’t understand. These pay-offs were not for work done. These people were overpaid every year for that. These pay-off were not needed as a pension; millions of people are expected to get by on the state pension unless they buy an extra one for themselves, and if the state pension isn’t enough whose fault is that! These were ‘get lost’ payments to dinosaur councillors, paid out only on condition that they go away from local government and never come back. If we can get back to a situation where councillors serve the community instead of their own egos then it might have been worth it, but I doubt that will happen under this present lot, and you shouldn’t mislead people.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Red Mist: I don't think that this comment deserves a response, there are problems in our communities but at least these Councillor's are trying to do something about it rather than sitting on the sidelines sniping.

I for one am very grateful to the Councillor's who are retiring for all of the service to their communities and to the Renfrewshire Council area.

As for misleading people, I am not.

Thanks for your comment and your visit come back again!

Surreptitious Evil said...

Not that I have ever met the guys, but both of the people to the left in your top photo cannot be Bob McGerty. Is the taller guy on the far left possibly John Kenny? 'Tis difficult to tell from the official council portraits ...


Rayleen Kelly said...

SE - Thanks for that had mistakenly put down Cllr McGerty twice! Have fixed it now to reflect the correct order it is Cllr McGerty, Cllr McNally, Cllr J McDowell and Cllr J Harkins.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but judging by that contribution it is indeed "Red Mist" that occupies the spave betweem your ears.

It is all too easy to critise from the sidelines and I have regularly expressed my concerns about labour's policies and conduct at local and national level. However the demise of Paisley and indeed other towns, stems from the Thatcher years and the devastation that her policies brought to our industrial base

To blame the retiring Councillors - one in particular has served his constituents well over a period of 35 years - for all that is wrong in Renfrewshire is simply nonsense

Devil's Kitchen said...

Pedantry I know, Rayleen, but I never can resist the drive to educate.

"... goodbye to the Councillor's who are leaving..."
"... severance payments for Councillor's but when..."
"... many of the retiring Councillor's left jobs that..."

Why have you put an apostrophe in Councillors? There shouldn't be one: it is not a possessive, nor are you denoting the removal of certain letters.

This is correct.

1) Many of the retiring Councillors left jobs that paid a pension.

2) Many of the retired Councillor's friends have pensions.

3) Many other people do not have those Councillors' pensions.

I know that it pedantic, but being able to write one's own language is so important, especially when one has an influence in education.



Rayleen Kelly said...

DK: Thank you so much for the correction, I have obviously made a mistake here and will correct it, something I am sure you do as well given that we are all human. Thank you again, please visit again.


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