Monday, May 08, 2006


The East End Community Council organised a public meeting on the 26th of April with regards to the proposed parking scheme for the East End of the town. Despite being advised that I unfortunately had another meeting and would be present at 8 O'Clock I was informed that the invited speaker suggested it was despicable that I had not attended, this was not followed up by the Community Council correcting the speaker, nor was an announcement made to the room once she had finished.

I wanted to assure my constituents that the Community Council were aware of my situation and that I was disappointed that they did not take the time to inform the meeting accordingly. I was unfortunately at another meeting as I was only given one weeks notice of the meeting by a constituent, the Community Council never contacted me until Monday the 24th of April.
I was similarly disappointed at the actions of one member of the Community Council straying from the point in order to make a personal attack on my integrity however, I have messages of support and anger from my constituents regarding the behaviour of the community council toward me and I've passed these to the relevant officer of the Council.

There is real strength of feeling in the community regarding these proposals and to let it be hijacked by this or any other group for political reasons would be a real shame.I have been working with members of the community in order to get their points across to the officers involved to make this a scheme which is responsive to the needs of the community, I reject the insinuation that because I have not been to the Community Council meetings I am not representing the community, the behaviour of the community council to me since I was elected makes my attendance meaningless, I am listening to the community and actively working with them for a positive outcome, I would ask that if anyone has any issues on this or anything else please contact me by email on ( or by phone on (0141 840 3686)


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