Saturday, October 14, 2006



This is just a short post (I am supposed to be getting ready to go to the airport for my short break!) to let you all know how the night went last night!

Well all of my family except my Uncle Arthur and Aunt Irene and my Aunt Myra and Uncle Davie were able to make the evening! There were cousins galore and although there were a few of them missing it was soooo good to see all my family again.

My friends were able to make it as well and I was so happy that so many of them were up dancing the night away, even my friend from Glasgow was able to make it! Thanks for that Bob!

Anyway we managed to raise over £400 on the night and with the online donations the total should be somewhere in the region of about £700! This is excellent big thanks to EVERYONE!

Special thanks though to Sam and Stephanie for the disco, Mum, Dad and Clare for all their hard work and help, Pauline and Carolyn for helping me put out all the chairs and tables and for blowing up all the balloons. Thanks to PACE for the hall and the support and to the staff of the Wynd Centre who were spectacular, I will put the photographs on here as soon as I get back!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Ex SNP Councillor (now independent but still suspended) Richard Vassie, is yet again in the Paisley Daily Express, the article explains how Vassie is passionate about the heritage of Paisley. It highlighted exactly what Vassie actually does with his spare time now that he is suspended, he travels around Renfrewshire in an attempt to find local buildings which are crumbling so that he can stand in front of it and point!
Unlike Cllr Vassie, instead of having my photo taken pointing at the buildings (not in his area might I add) I and my Labour Colleagues on the Council are actually doing something about them. Enforcement action was started against the owner of the Anchor Mill Gatehouse, the owner then started refurbishment and as such when he stopped the council have to go through the whole process again! It is strange that Cllr Vassie went straight to Derek Parker and not to the Planning Department of the council for information if he had he would know that action had been taken!
It is obvious that what Cllr Vassie is doing is trying to regain some of his public image so destroyed by his one year suspension from the council for threatening staff, I think it might take more than a few photos pointing at buildings and kind comments about the planning department and other councillors to do this!



I have been contacted by a number of constituents who are concerned with regards to the Arnotts site and the security arrangements in place after the recent fire.
To this end I have contacted MacDonalds Estates who own the property and asked them what they are doing to ensure that this is not allowed to happen again and asked for an update of when the development might start, to this end their representatives have suggested a meeting to further discuss the issues, I will report back when I have more information.



As per previous posts the parking scheme in Seedhill is currently in the statutory consultation period, objections should be lodged before the 27th of October. If you click on the title above it should take you straight to the Renfrewshire Council web page that outlines the proposals.
Any constituents who wish to contact me with regard to do this should do so by email ( or by letter or phone at the council office.

Thursday, October 12, 2006



OK so the tables are being laid, the balloons are being blown up and the food is being prepared! So tomorrow night at this time I will be at the party hopefully surrounded by friends and family!

I am hoping that I can raise a lot of money for Leukemia Research Fund and help as many people as possible.

So for those who are attending enjoy, relax and dance the night the night away, I will put photos of the event on as soon as possible, I will not be able to post much next week as I am away on holiday (although might get my house sitter to do it for me!). See you on the flip side!



The October allocations meeting for the Paisley Common Good fund was this afternoon, unfortunately at the November meeting the money does NOT roll over and as such has to be spent and there were no groups in the Seedhill area who applied for funding this time around.

So the good causes that I donated to this afternoon were Paisley Fairtrade Partnership who run the Rainbow Turtle shop in Gauze Street (which is in the Seedhill ward) and I also gave to Breast Cancer awareness, there project involves bathing the Paisley Town Hall in Pink light to encourage awareness of the disease and the charities work.

As the Town Hall is in the Seedhill Ward I felt that it was important to support this, I have known a few women who have survived this disease and it is important that every woman knows how to examine herself and knows how important it is to catch this early. If you need more advice please visit your GP!



As most people will no doubt know there is a meeting of the Friends of Seedhill Playing Fields this evening, I have been invited but have advised that I will not be there!
I have explained to the representative of the group that I don't feel that a public meeting is the best way to address the issues being discussed, I have however, offered to set up a meeting between representatives of the group and the relevant officers to discuss fully the issues involved. The representative I have contacted is very willing to do this and I hope that the meeting will be amicable and informative.
I felt it important to point this out in case any of my constituents were wondering why I was not present. I am also stating this here in case the same individuals as last time try and cause mischief by suggesting I could not be bothered to turn up (despite knowing that I had an alternative engagement).



As you will see from the opposite I have added a few of the more interesting feeds that I have found so far, if you have one that you want me to add, email me and let me know, for now it is good night and good luck to you all!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006



OK I seem to have gotten the hang of the rest of the blogging stuff so the next step is the news feeds and trying to get a hang of those!

Tell me what you think I should link to!



Well peeps, I am amazed, flabbergasted and shocked! Pleasantly may I add! To date we have raised around £185! Including gift aid donations! This is fantastic, it is an amazing charity and it does a lot of work!

Leukemia Research Fund have sent some materials through so that is going to be put out on the night! Badges and bugs, leaflets and pencils all of this advertises the charity and its work, thanks to Yvonne Dickson for her help this far!



One of the most rewarding things as a Councillor (apart from helping my constituents) has to be the opening of new schools. The opening of St Andrews Academy last night was no exception.
I was lucky enough to get the guided tour and it was fantastic, the school is a credit to Renfrewshire Council. The pupils are understandably proud of the school and are taking good care of it. One of the pupils advised that it the music facilities alone are worth it!
As an ex pupil of St Mirins High it was excellent to see so many of the teachers past and present in attendance, and all of those still working in the school were delighted with the new building, delighted with the facilities and looking forward to the future. The entertainment provided by the pupils was excellent, never mind the X Factor or Fame Academy these pupils would wipe the floor with them!
It was a great night, and from what I could see the products on sale at the back (I think it was the Social Enterprise Stall) were flying out the door! I hope that the pupils, staff and community enjoy the new facilities.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rosie Kane FOR Housing Stock Transfer?


On the above issue of the Sunday Mail, Ms Kane's column was about the charity Shelter and the amazing work that they do, she also talks about the problems with the Executive's policy of unintentional homelessness is not anchored properly as 'very few people choose to be without a home.'. Most of it is fairly unoffensive and not really attacking anyone which is extremely unusual for Ms Kane.

The interesting point is in the last section of the article. Ms Kane and I quote here just to save confusion ...'the Right to Buy policy has taken millions of homes out of the public sector. Supplying homes means making hard choices.' the hard choices include stock transfer, is Ms Kane advocating this policy? Sounds like it doesn't it!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Youth Justice


Both the Minister and Deputy Minister for Justice were in Paisley this afternoon for the launch of the Youth Justice Group report and the Executive's response to this document. Both Cllr Tommy Williams Deputy Leader of Renfrewshire Council (Convener for Social Work and speaking on behalf of COSLA) and Ms Jamieson suggested that the young people are the future of Scotland and that there are a relatively small population of persistent offenders. Cllr Williams pointed out that RAMPS is an excellent service and that it has made a big difference to the youth offending rates in Renfrewshire.

Cllr Williams, the Minister Cathy Jamieson and Deputy Minister Hugh Henry (also a local MSP for Paisley and Renfrewshire) all spent a large part of the afternoon speaking to both the parents and young people involved with the project, they asked questions of the young people about how they felt the project had helped them. I was most impressed with Ms Jamieson and her instincts with regards to the young people and the protection of their identities when a photo journalist began to take photos.

It has been suggested by her opponents that Ms Jamieson does not know what she is doing, my advice would be to keep doing what she is doing at present because everyone who met her today was impressed with her interest and honesty.



Yesterday was the 30th birthday of my best friend Laura, who is unfortunately no longer with us, it did not stop me celebrating her birthday and hoping that where ever she is, she is happy!

On a side point my birthday is tomorrow! (the 10th) so log onto the birthday site and donate some money for Leukemia Research fund! So far the total stand at around £130 lets try and get more, lets make sure that Leukemia becomes a thing of the past and something that people are no longer scared of! With your help Leukemia Research can help find a cure!



This is just a short post to say that I really must be doing something right! I received a letter in the post today regarding my web page, as incoherent as this letter was I got the gist of their comments.

It was basically a personal attack on me! It suggested I was a liar on more than one occasion, it suggests that I did not advise the readers of my page regarding my dad's standards commission enquiry and the outcome as I would have (and I quote) 'lost all credibility in seconds' despite this being widely available through the same site that I link to with reference to shamed ex SNP Cllr Vassie. The attack goes on to suggest that officials of the Council have slandered me to this mystery individual. And makes scurrilous (and unfounded) allegations with regards to my fellow Labour Councillors.

Well to the unidentified coward I say this....

'If you're political opinions were valid, if your personal opinions were valid and if your accusations against officers of Renfrewshire Council and Labour Councillors were true, you would have had the guts to put your real name and address on the letter, as it is you didn't, and it will be treated the same way as I treat all political cowards, laugh and pity their lack of integrity and backbone'
(and for this individual this is PERSONAL comment)


Please note all postings on this blog are of a personal nature and do not reflect the opinions of either Renfrewshire Council, the Scottish Labour Party or Renfrewshire Labour Group. NB No annonymous comments will be published on this blog if you have something to say have the courage to identify yourself.