Tuesday, April 03, 2007



Those who read the Paisley Daily Express will notice that Jack McConnell was in Paisley yesterday talking to the public, business leaders and elected members about the problems affecting Paisley Town Centre. A quote from the Chair of the Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce pointed out that this is not just a Paisley Town Centre issue and that is why Labour are promising £50 Million to rejuvenate Scotland's town centres.

Jack spoke to a number of people and I doubt that everyone agreed with him, but, when they spoke to him he listened, and this puts into practise his answer to the question of leadership put to him on Sunday on Scottish Television's debate. While wee Alex couldn't even answer after being asked the same question for a fourth time, Jack McConnell was not only able to answer first time but answer honestly and with dignity. While visiting in the town centre of Paisley Jack heard many ideas from the public and I am sure that he will take on board everything that was said to him, good or bad.

The town centre is a major issue and one which the Labour Controlled Council take seriously while our opponents try for quick fix solutions the Labour party are looking for the long lasting change that will serve the people of Renfrewshire, as shown through the £7,500 recently pledged for Town Centre Wardens, helping to make Paisley safer.

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