Tuesday, April 03, 2007


John Swinney on the TV this evening on Newsnight Scotland, someone obviously upset him, he could not get away from the fact that the SNP's sums are questionable! He couldn't and didn't even try to explain why he didn't agree! He couldn't answer, when it was put to him that the SNP's sums based on the Oil figures have not taken into account the fall in oil price and that since the budget figures last year the oil revenues have dropped £5 Billion, which Wendy Alexander pointed out is half the budget for the Scottish Health service. For the party's economic spokesman this should be very simple, that is if they have the answers?

The question for voters now is... Why don't the SNP have the answers to Labour's questions? The answer because they have not done their sums properly instead of giving the Scottish People the truth they are trying to con them, instead of 'Building Scotland' like the Labour Party the SNP are trying to 'Break Scotland'!

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