Saturday, February 10, 2007



Last night was the Annual Provost's Community Awards in Renfrewshire, the categories include carer, special needs child, and community activist and an excellent time was had by all. The Paisley Grammar School Ceilidh band played for the entertainment during dinner and were excellent, and the food was fab.

All of the nominees are given a keepsake of the evening and are announced on a video explaining their achievements and who nominated them, it is always an excellent night and the important people in the room are not the elected Councillor's it is the members of the community who have been nominated and those who have nominated.

Personally I wanted to thank the staff involved in running the evening, in preparing the food, in composing the video and in whittling down the list of nominees to the three for each award attending on the night.

I know it is a bit corny but it is true, there are no losers in this process everyone of the nominees inspires you and makes you feel humble, they make you want to get out there and do something in your community, I just wish that the night was on TV to let people in Scotland see the calibre of people in Renfrewshire.



I didn't realise until my return yesterday that I had not been to the gym since October!! I joined thinking that I could loose a bit of weight, get healthy you know the usual, but had no idea how difficult it actually was.

Now I don't want to put any of you none gym users off but, it is hard work, I must admit that I am seriously unfit and overweight, I have been for quite some while but, I am trying to do something about it. To the extent that I called my mum (my gym buddy, apparently it is much easier to stick to it if you have someone to go with) and asked if she wanted to go this afternoon as well. My arms, legs and well whole body is beginning to feel it but in a good way, you feel energised and I feel it is easier for me to eat healthy knowing that I am exercising as well.

I think that it is obvious that I am so not one of those people who goes on at length about how low their heart rate is, how high their lung capacity is or how many times they go the gym in a week I write this simply to say, if you live in Renfrewshire and are thinking that you can't go because you are too fat and everyone at the gym will be skinny minnies don't let that stop you, if I can do it so can you. Or try the Jogging buddies, they are a good way to get fit as well, try embracing the healthy living agenda, remember it starts at home.

Thursday, February 08, 2007



As far as possible I will try and give commenter's a fair go on this blog, I will enter into debate, but, I implore those commenting to steer away from the mile long diatribe! Check out the previous post comments for an indication of what I mean, the comment from Right for Scotland at the end asks if the previous posts, in terms of the VERY LONG ones can be put into a separate article, the answer? Yes, it will take a while though because I am really busy at the moment and Shotgun has left an equally (if not increasingly) long comment in response to my last response, I hope to answer ALL the questions raised in an article real soon, maybe I will have time over the weekend, stay tuned for more info.

Sunday, February 04, 2007



On reading the Scotland on Sunday today I noticed a rather obnoxious article by the 'journalist' above, and thought that I would do my own research to find out if he was real, or if he was a joke column. Turns out that he is real! Bit scary I know anyone reading his materials has to think that the man is seriously out of touch with reality.

The comments that politician means 'scum' was not just offensive but a little scary, this guy is one of two things a failed political candidate or someone who never had the courage of his convictions to stand up and get involved. I personally would link him to the first, his suggestion that the Labour Government has 'maimed the most successful evolved constitution on the earth', so evolved is our constitution that it no one ever bothered to write it down! He similarly suggests that Margaret Thatcher was there for a purpose, what purpose I hear you ask, to kill the spirit of hard working British Citizens?

No apparently that was a bonus, her purpose was 'to implement a historic and ultimately global agenda' Her purpose was to raise unemployment, destroy our national industries and impose the Poll Tax on the people of Scotland, all with the help of the SNP in Westminster.

The author was right about one thing, the difference between Thatcher and the Labour Government could not be starker, while the Labour Government helps it's citizens, presides over the greatest level of economic growth in a generation, the lowest unemployment rate in a generation, a renewed and better NHS and better educational opportunities for everyone to name but a few differences, Thatcher and her pals destroyed our national identity, our national industries and decimated the hopes and dreams of millions of Scots not to mention decimating local government finance.



As it was well publicised I thought that I would wait to write my own article on it. As the Local Councillor for the Paisley Grammar I was not surprised by the glowing report from the HMIE, the main points highlighted on the Renfrewshire Council website include the effective partnership of the School board and the PTA. Obviously I have attended meetings of both groups and I can testify to the good working relationship between the two, they also have an excellent relationship with the Head Teacher Ms Amos and both her leadership, her teams efforts and the effort of her predecessor John have been recognised in this report.

Although at the time I am told there was significant opposition to housing a behavioural unit in the Grammar, the high quality of support for pupils with additional support needs has been praised in this report and I am delighted that Renfrewshire Council were so forward thinking in their plans for those pupils with additional support needs.

The report also pointed out that the fabric of the building does need upgrading and this is already being addressed by the £2.5 Million investment over the next three years, remember it is the Labour Administration that put forward, supported and voted for this investment and I am proud to part of this administration.



I thought that I would update my blog with more information for constituents on the new multi member wards for the upcoming election. If you want to know which new ward you belong to click on the title above and put in the relevant details. When you have done this a new window comes up detailing the ward you belong to at present, the new multi member ward and the details of your elected representatives.

Try it out for yourself.


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