Monday, February 02, 2009


Snow and Budgets

Edinburgh is a lovely city, and it becomes even more lovely in the snow, although you do tend to find that it doesn't lie as readily which is not great.  I have been mostly shut in doors today as the TV kept saying only make necessary journeys and I didn't think nipping down to Ocean Terminal to do a bit of impulse shopping was essential.  So instead I spent the day catching up on the days events through the Internet and the TV.  I am hearing from the Scottish News Reports that the budget decision may be 'fast tracked' through the Scottish Parliament this week.  

The word 'Fast Track' makes me wonder through if you are moving at that pace is it not in the hope that those voting for it won't actually notice the hidden cuts and charges contained in it?

I get a little suspicious when people start suggesting this don't you?  

It has been so good catching up with some relaxation, when I tell people I work in a call centre they assume that the conversation is all about Celebrity Big Brother and Survivors (or whatever the latest 'reality' TV show is), in all honesty we talk about Israel, we talk about Politics and we talk about the issues facing us, and most of the people I have spoken to are getting more than a little fed up with Salmond's threats to resign when he doesn't get his own way, talk about throwing your toys out the pram!  

I wish that they would take these things seriously instead of giving it the petted lip every time things don't go their way.  And I think the reaction of the crowd to the SNP leader on Saturday at the new St Mirren Park was a clear indication of this, talk about being humiliated, and before anyone starts yeah you would expect some booing for any politician but not so much the chanting that came after it!  I felt a little embarrassed for Provost Lawson to be honest as she did not look happy and them with their big shiny banner at St Mirren Park too, just shows you politics and football does not mix.

On a separate issue I plan to release the full answer from the BBC to my complaint regarding the DEC appeal and their refusal to show it, I have asked that they get back to me if they do not wish this to go ahead with the reasons why, so watch this space it should be up (if they have no reason to wish to hide such a standard response) on Thursday.


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