Thursday, April 05, 2007



Campaigning is going well and the election is well under way but both Jim Sharkey and myself are reminded doing the rounds that unfortunately in 2003 there were some voters who lost their vote because they had forgotten to send back their forms, so if you were one of them remember you have until the 18th of April 2007 to register to vote.

Click on the title 'Councillor Rayleen Kelly' above and it will take you to the electoral registration form, it gives you the address to send the form back to ...

The Electoral Registration Officer
Renfrewshire Joint Valuation Board
16 Glasgow Road

Get on the register and use your voice,
Vote Labour on May the 3rd!


Anonymous said...

Well Rayleen you can at least count on my vote as can Jim Sharkey

Not that I am entirely happy with Labour's track-record at local level - indeed far from it. However the thought of a SNP led Council aided and abetted by whoever they rope in to their cabal causes me no end of despair.

If Labour do retain control lets hope they will shed their complacency and associated arrogance and at lwork far more energetically towards making Renfrewshire a thriving and exciting place in which to live

Rayleen Kelly said...

Cynic: thanks, let me know if there are any local issues that you think should be addressed that are not being at present and we will try and address them.

I can assure you that I am not complacent and if re-elected (hell even if I'm not) I will be doing all that I can to make sure that Paisley and Renfrewshire thrives and improves.


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