Thursday, April 19, 2007



Tonight was the last surgery held for the Seedhill ward in Renfrewshire Council, you can't help but be struck by the enormity of the changes coming into effect on the 3rd of May. The surgery was quiet, it is normally but, it gives you a chance to catch up on correspondence and papers that you should read etc. Tonight only two visitors, the first to say thank you for helping with an issue which is always lovely and I thank the individual in person for their kind sentiments, the second was an ongoing issue which I was able to get sorted this afternoon.

So to those who have been at my surgeries over the last four years I wanted to say thank you, no doubt the surgery arrangements will change post May but if re-elected I hope to improve on them, many ideas and more are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Paisly has got really bad over the last 10 yearsrayleen.

All i see is shops closing and people dealing drugs in the piazza and at the botom of school wynd.

where does all the money go

why is there no police sorting this and why are the council not making making things better.

Why did we get that that ugly fountain thing outside the station

who voted for that. were they on acid or something it must have cost alot of money


Rayleen Kelly said...

Trudie: Thanks for stopping by, in answer to your question about the money going into Paisley Town Centre the Labour party are promising to committ £7 Million pounds to the Town Centre the rest of the £50 Million investment will come from other sources such as private business and Government agencies.

If you have examples or incidents of people dealing drugs then PLEASE report this to the police and if you don't get a response contact me at the council on a private basis and we can take it up on your behalf. I will certainly speak to the Police in the morning and advise them of the situation.

The Labour party are similarly promising 17,000 more police officer hours to make our town centre's safer and Town Centre wardens to help with this as well.

Regards the fountain, I quite like the water feature I think it is nice, but that just shows that art is subjective, however the SNP locally want to tell you what to like hence why they want to take away the town centre art, I have heard loads of people who think that it brightens up the place and some people who like yourself are not kean it is personal preference, my belief is that the art was decided on by a committee but, I can find out and get back to you.

The only way to guarantee the improvements in the town centre is to vote Labour on May 3rd. Sorry this is such a long reply I will try and be brief in the future.


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