Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thoughts and musings

This week has been an interesting one on the social media front, on twitter I was accused of being a fascist and a nazi, I was also been told that I cannot be a 'real' Celtic fan because I believe that Scotland is better within the union and indirectly advised that I am not really Scottish because I don't agree with independence.  

Mostly twitter Facebook I tend to only add those who I know and like, so if we start a conversation on the nature of independence and what is best for Scotland we all know that we are speaking from a place of conviction and belief, no nasty comments or calling each other stupid or nazis which happens all too often on twitter. 

I should probably explain the background a bit to the above, firstly being called a fascist this was because I rather foolishly entered into debate with a guy from UKIP about the death penalty.  His stance that it should be brought back, mine that it shouldn't, these topics can get a little heated especially when you are discussing it with people you do not know but it took a strange direction where two or three people started to turn it into a discussion about race.  Comments such as 'we are being bred out by these minorities' and 'us British' when discussing rights, I asked for clarification in case it was misunderstood seems I wasn't misunderstanding their meaning so I then advised that I did not associate with racists and summarily blocked them.  

They then went on to call me a leftie do gooder (among other things which I cannot bring myself to repeat) because I was against their tirade on race and against the death penalty, not realising that I could still see what they were saying it was just they couldn't see what I was saying? Either that or they were trying To upset me but for me the more pressing point was that the aforementioned conversation had a dangerous and odious under tone and I simply ask a question without no accusation but did these people believe that the two topics were linked?  Were they simply high jacking the topic to try and get others to agree with them?  I don't know I do know that I was contacted by another of their cronies who said he was blocking me for being fascist so I thanked him blocked him and went on with my day. 

Re the Celtic fan nonsense this is something that has been ongoing for quite sometime now and it is time it was put to bed, you can be Nationalist, Labour Christ even Tory and be a TRUE Celtic fan, it does not come down to politics, religion, race or sex as Celtic FC have released a video this week against racism I know I am right because this is exactly the message in the video.  However there is still a faction of the Celtic support (only some of whom call them selves ultras the rest do not describe themselves this way which is important as it is not about groups it is individuals) who continue to suggest that if you are not voting for Independence then you are not a true Celtic fan, to those people I say to support another club or learn the history of Celtic because you are giving all the rest of the fans a bad name! 


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