Saturday, April 07, 2007



Thought that I should put on a short post to say Happy Easter to all of you out there in Blog city in Internet world, hope you all enjoy your long weekend. If you are out and about in Paisley tomorrow and looking for something to do the weather is supposed to be excellent why not try going to Barshaw park and rolling your eggs down the hill, sounds corny I know but it is a lot of fun.
What ever you do enjoy yourselves.

ROMA 2006


OK I know I am labouring the point but, I was looking through some posts and I had suggested that when my sister gave me copies of the photos that she took I would post them on here, I now have them so I have posted some below...

The postcard shot from the top of St Peters Basilica

Me at the Vatican

Statues on the roof of the Vatican

Me checking out the sights of Rome

As you can see from the photos the weather was outstanding especially for October and I am so grateful to my mum and my sister without whom I would never have gotten to go as they paid for a huge chunk of it for my Birthday present.

Thursday, April 05, 2007



Campaigning is going well and the election is well under way but both Jim Sharkey and myself are reminded doing the rounds that unfortunately in 2003 there were some voters who lost their vote because they had forgotten to send back their forms, so if you were one of them remember you have until the 18th of April 2007 to register to vote.

Click on the title 'Councillor Rayleen Kelly' above and it will take you to the electoral registration form, it gives you the address to send the form back to ...

The Electoral Registration Officer
Renfrewshire Joint Valuation Board
16 Glasgow Road

Get on the register and use your voice,
Vote Labour on May the 3rd!



Short update, I am literally just off the phone to a lovely Scottish Power engineer who was standing at the sub station in the East End Park further to my request for the graffiti to be removed. I call Chris lovely because he has told me that Scottish Power are going to put the East End Substation onto the rolling maintenance scheme where the painting is done every six months.

Further to this the graffiti removal should take place within the next 30 days and I have notified the Police so that they can pay particular attention to this area in the coming weeks and months.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007



For those interested constituents, I have been working on getting the graffiti removed from the sub station in the East End Park, I have written to Scottish Power on a number of occasions and they had previously assured me that they had put the Sub Station onto a planned maintenance programme, however it does seem to have slipped through the net, so we are trying to get them to repaint it again. I have been working with the Police locally in an effort to stem the vandalism in the East End and we have been somewhat successful with a number of people charged for the graffiti.

If you see graffiti in your area contact your local Councillor to ask for their assistance, in Renfrewshire we have a graffiti hit squad that can remove the graffiti from council owned properties and help private owners as well, to report the graffiti please contact Renfrewshire Council.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


John Swinney on the TV this evening on Newsnight Scotland, someone obviously upset him, he could not get away from the fact that the SNP's sums are questionable! He couldn't and didn't even try to explain why he didn't agree! He couldn't answer, when it was put to him that the SNP's sums based on the Oil figures have not taken into account the fall in oil price and that since the budget figures last year the oil revenues have dropped £5 Billion, which Wendy Alexander pointed out is half the budget for the Scottish Health service. For the party's economic spokesman this should be very simple, that is if they have the answers?

The question for voters now is... Why don't the SNP have the answers to Labour's questions? The answer because they have not done their sums properly instead of giving the Scottish People the truth they are trying to con them, instead of 'Building Scotland' like the Labour Party the SNP are trying to 'Break Scotland'!



Those who read the Paisley Daily Express will notice that Jack McConnell was in Paisley yesterday talking to the public, business leaders and elected members about the problems affecting Paisley Town Centre. A quote from the Chair of the Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce pointed out that this is not just a Paisley Town Centre issue and that is why Labour are promising £50 Million to rejuvenate Scotland's town centres.

Jack spoke to a number of people and I doubt that everyone agreed with him, but, when they spoke to him he listened, and this puts into practise his answer to the question of leadership put to him on Sunday on Scottish Television's debate. While wee Alex couldn't even answer after being asked the same question for a fourth time, Jack McConnell was not only able to answer first time but answer honestly and with dignity. While visiting in the town centre of Paisley Jack heard many ideas from the public and I am sure that he will take on board everything that was said to him, good or bad.

The town centre is a major issue and one which the Labour Controlled Council take seriously while our opponents try for quick fix solutions the Labour party are looking for the long lasting change that will serve the people of Renfrewshire, as shown through the £7,500 recently pledged for Town Centre Wardens, helping to make Paisley safer.


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