Sunday, September 17, 2006



It comes as no real surprise to anyone in Renfrewshire to hear that Cllr Bill Martin has left the SNP, despite last week being announced as the candidate for the Paisley South Scottish Parliament seat (and being number nine on their regional list for the West of Scotland). His wife and failed Council candidate left the SNP about six months after Cllr Richard Vassie (ex SNP) was expelled from the group. He was expelled when he was suspended by the Standards Commission for a year after verbally abusing members of Council staff while allegedly inebriated at a council function. The reason many people thought that Mrs Martin left was that she was Cllr Vassie's guest at the particular function, and was similarly questioned by the Standards Commission who came to the conclusion that her testimony was 'evasive and unconvincing' (quote from the standards commissions decision which can be found here).

After this suspension was given to Cllr Vassie, Mrs Martin and a n other left the party tearing up their cards, so it would seem something of an anti climax that Cllr Martin jumped before he was pushed by his colleagues in the SNP, the details are still somewhat hazy but he was to ungo a disciplinary hearing next week, I doubt this is the last we will hear of this so watch this space.

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