Thursday, September 21, 2006



The Liberals can't even do optimism properly, instead of the positive WE WILL be the largest party in Scotland next year and Nicol Stephen WILL BE the first minister, Campbell says today 'he could be', he has been likened in the circles I move in to the Harry Enfield character who constantly says 'you don't want to do it like that!'

There is no substance to their claims, there is no substance to their policies and the Scottish people can see right through it! The Liberals here on Renfrewshire Council would serve as a warning to EVERYONE nation wide to steer clear. Campbell and his party should be consigned to the past, lets see what they have achieved, the flagship policy of the Liberals was Free Personal care, yet most if not all of the commentators admit that Free Personal care does not benefit the worst off in society but the better off. The introduction of PR in the local elections if it does cause coalitions will result in weak decisions made in the interests of the few not the many. The green policies which they have passed this week (if enacted) would make it more expensive for people to fly and how does this benefit the poor? I understand the need for environmental policies but this is an easy one to pick which again appeals to those who have, not those who have not. Maybe Sir Campbell has spent to much time looking at the photo of himself in the army jet shown at conference.

As opposed to Nick Robinson who on his blog today seems to be saying that the Liberals have had substance I see none!

What do you think?

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