Tuesday, September 19, 2006



I am sitting watching the two part documentary on Manic Depression presented by Steven Fry, and I must admit that I am finding it very interesting. The fact that people such as Steven Fry and Tony Slattery are coming forward and trying to explain the hell that is manic depression gives it a more human face for people.
They are talking about whether or not people that suffer from it would rather have it or not! And the interesting point for people like Steven Fry would rather have it than not makes you want to more about the condition. Obviously as the documentary shows there are some sufferers who would rather not be bipolar and the woman that Mr Fry is speaking to at present is one of them. I think that I have to learn more about this condition to try and understand it more.

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Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss, The older generation are 100 times worse than the younger ones as they look at mental illness as a cop out or an excuse. Everything back then had another label, my gran had terrible depression in her late 50's and her kids all put it down to the change of life!!!! Come on people wake up.
I think we need to bombard people with the correct information and stop the ignorance.
Lets face it 15 yr ago Aids was a taboo subject which no-one wanted to speak about and now at least 60% of the population understand and don't judge people with aids as we now know the facts.
I have a friend who is bipolar and also has schizophrenia which she copes with aswell as having 5 girls aged between 18yrs old to 6yrs old She has recently also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and she take so much meds to keep everything in check she should rattle lol. But she has 5 of the greatest kids you could ever wish to met and they understand completly about mental health and for that she is thankful.
I think we are one of the worst countries for being judgemental towards others.
I think we need to get more information out to the public and make them understand and stop mental health issues being chucked ina cupboard and hidden from the rest of the world.


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