Sunday, September 17, 2006



I am not a great fan of Ian Dale and his blog, however coming round to liking him after his top 100 blogs were published in his newest guide to political blogging! Imagine my absolute surprise when I read the top 100 Labour bloggers and noticed my own name at 78! I have only been blogging for about a month now so it was quite a surprise and I think I probably owe a lot of it to Bloggers 4 Labour as I don't think an awful lot of people would be aware of this blog if it wasn't linked so THANK YOU!

I will keep trying to update this as much as possible (as you can tell today has been one where I have had LOADS of time to myself!) and hope that it stimulates some conversation.

Not sure on reflection if it is a good thing that a Conservative thinks that my blog is good? Comments please!

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Kerron said...

I thought it was a great list. ;-)

Although I know what you mean about being in a Tory's Top 100 - is that really something to aim for? ;-)


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