Friday, September 22, 2006



I know my dad has a few years on me in terms of books he has read and films he has seen but it is something when your elder sister of one and a HALF years has quite a gap on you as well. The thing I always like to remember is that my sister did do English Literature at University as well as English Language and Theatre Studies, this needs A LOT of reading. My course originally computing then Politics was a different type of reading, I am sitting in my dad's house just now looking at ONE of his book shelves as there are quite a few cupboards and shelves filled throughout the house.

The scary thing is that apart from the 'girly' books (eg my mum's book called 'Guide to Gems') he has read ALL of them! Good thing is you always know what to get him for his birthday! Just at a glance I have the complete works of both Oscar Wilde and William Shakespear, Dare or Be a Daniel by Tony Benn, the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist by Robert Tressell (foreword by Alan Sillitoe) and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara the American Dream (the diaries of the revolutionary war in the congo). In fact apart from the Dan Brown Da Vinci Code (which is my sisters) I can't really find ANY 'easy reading'.

My father always advised us as children that reading was exciting and one of the most important things we could learn. So I am tonight going to start to read the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist, I am aiming to have it read by my birthday on the 10th of October and I will keep you all updated with how I am doing.

What are your favourite books? What ones would you suggest I read next?


Admin said...

I always got put off the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist by the sheer size of it.

But maybe the Alan Sillitoe version is less daunting than the Robert Tressel one... ;-)

Rayleen Kelly said...

Yeah OK you all caught me out, I was going to try and suggest that it was deliberate but that would be childish, in reality I wrote this after half a bottle of wine and was looking at book in the near dark as I don't know where my mum keeps the light bulbs. You will see that I have corrected it now, turns out the foreword was by Alan Sillitoe and I have just read about three or four pages but it is looking good so far!

Karamia said...

I am more of mind thriller or true crime novel.
I like to get inside peoples head and try and understand their thoughts.
I love a lot of the Patricia Cornwell novels and have read a few true crime ones too, Fred West and Harold Shipman & the Kray twins, it fasinates me as to why people do what they do.
Strange I know.
The best book I have read so far has to be by far the Da Vinci Code.
I do also read a lot of new age study stuff wiccan ritues and spirituality of different cultures and herbal remedies and aromatherapy, reflexology and loads more and try to have good Karma around me at all times.
I have been reading this sort of stuff for about 8 yrs now and my sisters ex partner used to be frightened of me as my sister used to tell him I had cursed him with the run's, little did he know it was more to do with the veg soup she served him up everyday. Men lol.
It is fasinating though!

Rayleen Kelly said...

RED MIST is a smart arse!! LOL! ;) I have already asked her, but it is like the changing face of UK politics, she keep changing where she keeps them!! Just took the book home to my own flat, easier that way!

Thanks for reading this though


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