Thursday, September 21, 2006



I was staying at my mum's last night to watch the dogs and I picked up a back issue of the New Statesman and it was talking about the outrage at having people blog about products and being paid to do so, I suddenly thought I wonder if people thought that this is what I was doing with the last post, so just to reassure you all I was not.

I was simply giving praise where praise was due.

Although I must admit that if people are willing to do it then fair enough, your friends would no doubt be aware of it and there are advertising rules you would have to follow surely. Maybe someone can clear this up for me, would you have to put a disclaimer on the blog or the post to say that it was an advertisement? Or that you were being paid by a certain company? If not it is dishonest but as long as you believe in the product why not, the problem comes when you are simply writing about it because you are getting paid.

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