Monday, September 18, 2006



OK as you will see from below last night my sister and I went to Chiquito's in Braehead XScape for dinner, I must admit to being very impressed with the whole complex it is quite a place. I had earlier this year been to the XScape in Milton Keynes on the road to a hen weekend in Budapest and although I never really got to go round the complex it looked good as well.

Unfortunately although the service was excellent and the complex is fab! The food is not as good! Don't get me wrong it is passable but a bit bland for Mexican, the whole point of a Mexican meal is that it is spicy and this just wasn't. I had a Burrito (spicy chicken) and it was nice but not THAT spicy! My sister had the Fajitas and they did not seem to have ANY spices on them at all, although the presentation was good.

SO my advice would be if you have never been for a GOOD Mexican go to this place if you are looking for REAL Mexican food it is not the place for you.

On a separate point the Margarita's are not on the menu but they do serve both on the rocks and frozen, and that is a big plus! Although the frozen ones are a little too sweet or my taste and they do not taste as thought they have been made fresh, I would guess that they are pre-mixed drinks.

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