Thursday, November 09, 2006



The SNP showed their reactionary side this evening. The comments made by Sturgeon today showed how they are trying to play on the politics of fear. As someone who has seen a family go through the ordeal of a family member being murdered and the trial that ensued I was not only extremely offended by Ms Sturgeon's remarks but astounded by their naivety.

Those in our society who kill, rape and kidnap others should serve time, they should be locked away, but they should also be released once they have served their time. I hope Ms Sturgeon never has to go through the ordeal that my friends family has been through, but the reason that victims of crime do not determine the length of time someone serves in prison is retribution, the need for justice is not as strong as the overwhelming feeling that you need revenge.

What does Ms Sturgeon suggest we do? Lock them away and throw away the key? Capital punishment? Maybe someone from the SNP can answer this, I doubt it!


Anonymous said...

If you were to link to MS Sturgeon's comments maybe we'd know what you are talking about rather than just attaacking a supposed position you don`t allow to be set out.

From what i`v ehard recently from the SNP on sentencing it sounds very sensible, and not 1 million miles away from comments I heard from Ms Jamieson before she became Justice Minister (at a Compass event). In essenses minor offenders to receive rehabilitation and community sentecing. Serious offenders to serve prison time. Autommatic early release to be scrapped - as justice must be seen to be done, also as defence for Judges who know fine well when they sentence someone the time they will serve. And the most serious, particulay sexual offenders, to be kept incacerated until they have had adeqaute rehabilitation. We done let people out from the State hospital on a set date as they may a dnager to themselves and others - I see know reason why this shouldn`t be the same for peopophiles etc. Public safety must come first surely? If this is the SNP position, and I`m not sure if it is as you havn`t posted a link, then I commend them.

Rayleen Kelly said...

If you want to know the SNP position on such matters maybe research is the way to go, please do not rely on ANY blog for an unbiased or reliable view of the comments made by political opponents.

I believe I have accurately described the comments made by Ms Sturgeon but I don't believe in giving my political opponents free publicity.

You mention that the most serious offenders 'particularly sexual offenders' to be incarcerated until they have had adequate rehabilitation but who decides what adequate rehabilitation is? Scare mongering doesn't work keeping people in jail because the public wants it doesn't work and I speak as the victim of crime.

Anonymous said...

You speak as the victim of crime? I`m not sure why that would give your argument any more weight than had you be fortunate enough not to be.

I see you say you will not publicise you opponents, I can understand that but I don`t find it very helpful for debate. Also I considered generally good blogging practise to link to 'the enemy', but maybe that's just me. ( for example)

Who decides on rehabilitation? I think that would be left in the hands of the professional like criminal social workers and psychological experts in sexual offending. After all the same principal applies in the State Hospital where those who are considered dangerous to themselves and others are managed in just this way.

This would mean a significant investment in criminal social work and mental health services, something that is long overdue.

Rayleen Kelly said...

I will deal with your comments one by one if that is OK...

1. Anonymity is the cowards way out

2. Those who have the facilities to access my webpage can access google and find out for themselves I am a keen proponent of individual study, I do not give the links because I would hate to think that they were getting hits because of my web page! I also would not want to be accused of being biased and only referencing the sources that support my argument so I let you find your own.

3. I have NEVER said that I will not publish my opponents comments you only have to read the comments to see that this is not the case.

4. With regard to your final point I have no problem with Criminal Social Workers and Forensic Psychologists being those who decide if someone is ready to be released from the state prison but they are subject to the same pressure as politicians when it comes to high profile prisoners. For instance in our area Thomas Brophy killed a young woman Laura Anne Donnelly. Mr Brophy received a minimum sentence of 20 years and within the last 6 months his sentence was reduced by 4 years to a minimum of 16 years.
The judiciary would not have done this if they knew the public feeling in this case! In fact the victims left behind (ie family and friends) had to find out via the national newspaper about the outcome of the appeal.

My point about being a victim of serious crime is that the public perception of those who are victims of crime is that they are harder on criminality and more likely to want to lock people up and through away the key, that is not the case here.


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