Sunday, November 05, 2006

Guy Fawkes


I may not be sure about the idea of Guy Fawkes night and whether or not to attend the festivities but I am sure that I would be in favour of banning the sale of ALL fireworks and only allowing organised demonstrations.

Now I can hear people calling me a bore and a spoil sport, but many of the people who hold their own demonstrations don't actually know the story of the events they are celebrating or why Guy Fawkes and his 12 fellow conspirators felt it necessary to try and blow up Parliament. I am not for one second condoning such an action but I think it is important to understand why!

On the point of only organised demonstrations (I mean organised by a Local Authority or Community Group not just you and your mates in the back yard!) the reason is two fold. Firstly the number of injuries are not acceptable, in 2005 there were 94 injuries from fireworks alone, most of these happened at family parties and casual incidents (ie walking down the street!). Rockets cause the most injuries, I know that 94 may be low but still is it too many.

The second reason for only allowing organised demonstrations is the noise and the effect it has on household pets. After watching my mums one year old Lakeland Terrier cower in the corner, under the bed and under the table shaking like a leaf because of the noise I came to the conclusion that I would ban fireworks entirely. I love my mum's dogs and we had taken the precaution of buying the stress tonic from the pet store the only problem is that you have to add it to food and Bessie was so scared she was not eating! It is extremely distressing to watch your pet be that upset!

Little advice if you know someone in your street has a dog or cat and you are having a home demonstration of fireworks then PLEASE contact your neighbours to let them know, tell the times that you are intending to have the display, be a good neighbour please!


Karamia said...

We do have family display's every year with my dad my brother and my partner organising the lighting of them, it is always done safely and folloing the fireworks code. I personally hate them but the kids love them and as long as they are used correctly they are fine, I do feel the age of consent for buying them should be much higher either 21 or 25 to stop silly boys getting a hold of them and also think anyone letting them off before the 5th Nov should be fined as I too have a dog, on the 5th I lock him in the kitchen and close the window and put the radio on to try and drown out some of the noise.
As said we have done displays within the family for the past 30yrs and in this time none of us have ever been harmed.

John said...

True... My parents have to keep their timid moggies inside for longer and longer every year as the fireworks start getting let off earlier and earlier. This year they let them out again on the 6th, only to have them straight back in as people were *still* letting them off.


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