Wednesday, November 08, 2006



As regular readers will know I had a 30th Birthday party in October and instead of asking for pressies I asked for people to make donations and all of the money is going to Leukemia Research Fund in memory of my youngest brother Terence, who we lost ten years ago this month. As you know the Paisley Daily Express somehow heard about it (I did not contact them, they called me!) and the feature that they are running is supposed to be in the paper tomorrow.

I did ask them to point out that the web page for donations is open until the 23rd of November in case anyone wants to donate.
Thanks to everyone for their help and donations up to this point, Tebo would have been very happy!


Anonymous said...

Raising money for charity is always a good thing to do but was it necessary to include family photographs on a double page spread? Surely you could have raised awareness without doing that? You have already raised a very good amount without going down that road. Things like that are very personal. Here's hoping things were done properly and you got permission from your sister and brother to publish the photographs.

Rayleen Kelly said...

Funniyly enough I did not write the feature in the Paisley Daily Express and if it raises more money for the Luekemia Research Fund then it will be worth it. I didn't get to tell them which photos to use and how to present them, in fact I did not even contact them about it they contacted me!

The photos belong to my parents and they consented to the photos being used. Hopefully you will be making a donation on the webpage.


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