Monday, November 06, 2006



There is a meeting of the East End Community Council this evening in St John Ogilvie Primary School. On the agenda for tonight's meeting are the topics of the Parking Scheme in the East End and the Seedhill Playing Fields proposal.

As I am unable to attend this evening I sent a written report which covers both of these items. The first on the parking scheme I am waiting an update on the number of objections that were lodged and what this means in terms of a public enquiry, I will update here as soon as I have further information.

On the issue of the Seedhill Playing fields the meeting between the officers and the Friends of Seedhill Playing Fields was sometimes heated, and sometimes very constructive, the group agreed at the beginning of the meeting that the Director would draw up a minute which will be agreed by both parties on what was discussed and the outcome of the meeting which they will put on their website. I will cover the issues in a separate posting.

Other issues in the written report sent to the secretary included the Lagoon Ice Rink and the upgrading of the lifts in Williamsburgh Court.

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