Thursday, November 09, 2006



It will come as no surprise that I am 100% behind the Labour Party's choice for the Elderslie by election John Caldwell. John is a genuinely nice guy, and has lived in Elderslie for twenty years now, and was a close friend of recently deceased local Labour Councillor Jean Goldie. In the Paisley Daily Express John shows his commitment to Elderslie and said ...

'This is a by election nobody wants. Jean Goldie was a true champion for the people of Elderslie. I am proud to live in Elderslie and be associated with the village. I want to continue the work of Jean Goldie and, if elected, I will fight to make my community a better place for local people.'

A local resident Mr Nicol said ...

'Elderslie needs a local person to fight our corner. John Caldwell is the right choice to make our community safer.'

His issues are the issues of the community of Elderslie and I hope that the voters will elect him to serve on the Council on their behalf.

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Mudricky said...

Good luck to John who I have known knew since I was a wee boy. He will do his very best by Elderslie if elected.


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