Saturday, November 11, 2006



Most people in Scotland will have seen the BBC Scotland trailer for their series on Scottish History. Follow the link above and have your say, the question?

'What do you believe are the most significant events in Scottish history and who are Scotland's most important historical figures? Send us your views.'

For me it would have to be the Scottish Suffragette movement, mainly because of the old lady that lived up the stairs from me in the close when I was young, Mrs Dargie was a suffragette and she used to tell us stories of her youth, I am very privileged to be able to say that I knew a real suffragette.

The most important historical figure? James Kier Hardie, need I say more. Locally we could mention, Christian Shaw, Alexander Wilson, the Reverend Witherspoon, Robert Tannahill and Marjory Bruce to name but a few.


Anonymous said...

I need to take issue with Reverend Witherspoon. Yes he is from Paisley, and yes his name is on the Declaration of Independence in America but I do not think that he is someone that we should be proud of! He was into the slave movemnt in a big way and was by all accounts not a very nice man!!!

Anonymous said...

the Reverend Witherspoon - so its OK to want independence for America ????

Rayleen Kelly said...

It is interesting how the anonymous poster pops up again! On your point are you seriously trying to suggest that the conditions and relations between Scotland and the rest of the UK are similar to those experienced by the Americans before they obtained independence? Try again!


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