Thursday, November 09, 2006



I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the AGM of the Paisley ShopMobility in the Disability Resource Centre in Paisley on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately the timing coincided with a Community and Family Care Board meeting so I had to tender my apologies, I did however go down to the AGM after the council meeting had concluded, although I missed the AGM meeting I was able to meet many of the members including the new Chairman Tom. The committee were extremely pleased at the work of Renfrewshire Council who from next year will be giving the group £10,000 a year for running costs, and they were thankful for the help of all of the elected members who had been instrumental in making this happen.

I hope to visit the premises in Story Street in Paisley soon, but for those who want more information now on this excellent service please click on the title 'Councillor Rayleen Kelly' above and it will take you to their website. I would like to say a personal thank you to all of the committee members for all of their hard work and to Evelyn the outgoing chair of many years for her dedication. Thanks also to all of those I spoke to on Tuesday afternoon for making me feel so welcome.

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