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The Community and Family Care policy board has just finished, and this week it was a HUGE agenda with lots of important and interesting reports. Among them was the Child Protection Committee Protocols and the additional post required, item 11 Extraordinary Lives about the services provided for looked after and accommodated children in Renfrewshire, the Telecare service and a number of items on Older People's care.

The first is a significant document and it can be found online by following the link (click on Councillor Rayleen Kelly above) and go to item five on the agenda. This report shows the time and effort that goes into supporting young people in Renfrewshire and thanks go to all on the Child Protection Committee and the partner organisations for all of their hard work, long may it continue!

The second mentioned above was item 11 on the agenda this report relates to the 'looked after' children in Renfrewshire, if you are interested again follow the link as above and go to item 11 for the report to the board, but the main recommendations of the report are as follows ...

1. The Chief Executives make an annual report to their council on the outcomes achieved for looked after children.

2. That Local Authorities should nominate an elected member who will act as a champion for looked after children

3. That Local Authorities should consider appointing a Senior manager with specific responsibility for looked after children at a strategic level.

All three of these recommendations were accepted and I was nominated and accepted as the Elected member acting as a Champion for Looked After Children, I am really looking forward to this role.

On the third report I have highlighted here The Telecare bid is basically the community alarm service, Renfrewshire has recently won a national award for it's service and the Scottish Executive are looking at the Authority as an example of how best to provide this service. Please have a look at the report it is item 15 on the agenda.

I will put another post on this evening about the reports on Older People's care.

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