Friday, January 19, 2007



Well while trawling the net this evening to find the Paisley and District Football League webpage I found the webpage of my local football team, I have supported them through grants in the past and I am absolutely delighted that the website tells us that they are 20 years old this year!

One of the first groups to contact me as a Councillor was the East End Athletics Boys Club, they came to me because of problems with the booking of playing fields, I can only hope that I was helpful in this regard. I have supported the group and I was delighted to see the number of accolades that boys have won recently. I would urge of of you to check out their website! It is absolutely fabulous and the first link on their site is to the anti racism website I would urge you to check that out as well.


queenV7 said...

i just want to know exactly what i should putm on my blogspot to get ppl to answer or post comments

Rayleen Kelly said...

I just signed up for the blog account on the settings menu you can allow ANYONE to post and it then allows you to post and allows you to answer any questions you have. Hope this helped?


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