Sunday, January 21, 2007



The only other series that I have been this excited about was the last series of the West Wing, this evening 24 series 6 started and I am so excited that I had to stop myself cheating by reading the synopsis of the upcoming episodes on the 24 website.

At the beginning/end of the advert break there was a small promo type of advert with a web address and a password, me being my inquisitive self decided to check it out and it is a excellent system. It is like online gaming to go with the programme! They have set up websites you have to access and you get a call on your mobile from someone who sounds like the guy from Mission Impossible. On a separate note it is a little like the full gaming experience using all media, something quite a few people have been waiting on. Check it out for yourself, if you have time!

I must say though how much bad luck can one man have?

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