Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Yesterday was another long day, although it was really interesting, first their was the Labour Group meeting in the Council chamber and a full day of Constituent enquiries being chased up and letters written. At half six I attended the Children's Panel reappointment interviews, these are taken by the Children's Panel Advisory Committee members.

Just so it is clear the make up of the Children's Panel Advisory Committee (CPAC) is five members appointed by the Scottish Executive/ First Minister and two members appointed by the local authority, you have probably guessed that I am one of the local authority appointees. As there were an uneven number of interviewers, and I had been unable to attend the re appointment training I sat in on the interviews being undertaken last night, I must admit to being extremely impressed with all of the people interviewed, all of those seeking reappointment were interesting and had excellent answers, they had obviously gained a lot from their experience as well as giving a lot to the children they had seen.

I personally wanted to thank them and the CPAC members it was a long night but all of the interviews were done and we were home for 10pm, even managed to catch some of the snow!

The next meeting of the CPAC is tomorrow afternoon, and again I am looking forward to an interesting meeting.

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