Monday, January 15, 2007



I don't normally trawl the nationalist blogs and websites but when researching something else this evening I found a highly entertaining story in which the SNP accused Labour of being negative about Scotland! What a laugh! Look at the video below for Labour's view of a positive Scotland.

I don't know about you all but the SNP locally in Renfrewshire are nothing but negative, their ex leader (disgraced) Cllr I Nicolson in 2003 accused the Chief Executive of the Council of improprieties in hiring and firing, they have lost two Cllr's recently one for verbally abusing Council staff and the other following his mate, well he did represent him at the Standards Commission and accuse his own leader (Cllr McKay) of conspiring with the Labour Party to get rid of ex SNP, now independent, disgraced Cllr Vassie.
Indeed as recently ago as November of 2006 the now leader of the SNP (for the time being anyway!) McKay advised the Council meeting that there is a nightly boxing match at County Square, and that the street art was graffiti!

I don't write the above to be negative but to show the hypocrisy in the SNP, Labour locally has talked up Renfrewshire for years, we have promoted it where ever we have went, even on holidays. Locally we are building new schools, new elderly care homes, a new respite unit and new sporting facilities to name but a few of the positive and long lasting things that Labour have achieved!
Remember this at the elections in May and vote for your Labour candidates!

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