Tuesday, January 16, 2007



Personally I am celebrating the Union between Scotland and England it brings together the great nations and gives them each an equal say in how our countries move forward. With Scottish people determining the direction of policy in a whole range of issues from Health to Education, Social Work to Policing and the Economy, I believe the issue of independence is immaterial. It is an issue that the SNP/SSP/Solidarity and the other fringe parties think that the Scottish people are concerned with, we are not.

I don't think that the future for Scotland is trying to work through a complicated and unnecessary separation process, trying to work out whether the Scottish people want the type of independence put to them by any number of Nationalist groups, and the setting up of institutions and working out how to pay for them. I think that the way forward is to work within the system as it is at present, I really do believe that what the Scottish people want is better and safer communities, better education, health, policing, and a more open and tolerant society. There are pro's and con's to every arrangement but I believe the pro's outnumber the con's in this Union, and I believe that the only way to get the safer communities, better education, health and policing is to vote for the Labour Party in May.

A great deal has been done but still more to do, expectations continue to rise and our ambitions for our fellow countrymen with it.

So Celebrate the Union, get the £2 coin which is launched later today and think about the things that not only make you proud to be Scottish but British, the two are not contradictory despite what some might tell you.

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