Friday, January 19, 2007



The updated position on the Renfrew Health Centre was reported to the Community Health Partnership this afternoon and I am pleased to say that it was looking good. Obviously the final decision rests with the Scottish Executive but, with the Health Minister visiting next week I am hopeful that we will have the confirmation of it's continuing positive reinforcement from the Scottish Executive. This afternoon Cllr Tommy Williams the Chair of the Renfrewshire CHP thanked the hard work carried out by everyone involved in the project.

Despite the SNP claims that the Renfrew Health Centre was never going to built nd that it was a broken Labour Promise the plans are in place for it to go forward, this is a lesson to everyone in Renfrewshire, just cause Cllr McKay and his cronies say it, doesn't make it so! Do your own research ask questions, please don't just take his word for it, because more often than not it is wrong/inaccurate or deliberately misleading.

I am delighted that Renfrew Health Centre was a manifesto commitment at the last election and is yet another commitment fulfilled!

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