Monday, October 09, 2006



Yesterday was the 30th birthday of my best friend Laura, who is unfortunately no longer with us, it did not stop me celebrating her birthday and hoping that where ever she is, she is happy!

On a side point my birthday is tomorrow! (the 10th) so log onto the birthday site and donate some money for Leukemia Research fund! So far the total stand at around £130 lets try and get more, lets make sure that Leukemia becomes a thing of the past and something that people are no longer scared of! With your help Leukemia Research can help find a cure!

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Karamia said...

I remember her and as we toasted the christening of my son On sunday I said a silent Happy 30th to Our Laura, I am certain whereever she is she is with us all in spirit and am sure she will be with us all on Friday, I mean when did L.A.D. ever miss a party?
Have a guid yen hen and hope yer happy :D


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