Saturday, October 14, 2006



This is just a short post (I am supposed to be getting ready to go to the airport for my short break!) to let you all know how the night went last night!

Well all of my family except my Uncle Arthur and Aunt Irene and my Aunt Myra and Uncle Davie were able to make the evening! There were cousins galore and although there were a few of them missing it was soooo good to see all my family again.

My friends were able to make it as well and I was so happy that so many of them were up dancing the night away, even my friend from Glasgow was able to make it! Thanks for that Bob!

Anyway we managed to raise over £400 on the night and with the online donations the total should be somewhere in the region of about £700! This is excellent big thanks to EVERYONE!

Special thanks though to Sam and Stephanie for the disco, Mum, Dad and Clare for all their hard work and help, Pauline and Carolyn for helping me put out all the chairs and tables and for blowing up all the balloons. Thanks to PACE for the hall and the support and to the staff of the Wynd Centre who were spectacular, I will put the photographs on here as soon as I get back!

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