Thursday, October 12, 2006



The October allocations meeting for the Paisley Common Good fund was this afternoon, unfortunately at the November meeting the money does NOT roll over and as such has to be spent and there were no groups in the Seedhill area who applied for funding this time around.

So the good causes that I donated to this afternoon were Paisley Fairtrade Partnership who run the Rainbow Turtle shop in Gauze Street (which is in the Seedhill ward) and I also gave to Breast Cancer awareness, there project involves bathing the Paisley Town Hall in Pink light to encourage awareness of the disease and the charities work.

As the Town Hall is in the Seedhill Ward I felt that it was important to support this, I have known a few women who have survived this disease and it is important that every woman knows how to examine herself and knows how important it is to catch this early. If you need more advice please visit your GP!

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