Friday, October 13, 2006


Ex SNP Councillor (now independent but still suspended) Richard Vassie, is yet again in the Paisley Daily Express, the article explains how Vassie is passionate about the heritage of Paisley. It highlighted exactly what Vassie actually does with his spare time now that he is suspended, he travels around Renfrewshire in an attempt to find local buildings which are crumbling so that he can stand in front of it and point!
Unlike Cllr Vassie, instead of having my photo taken pointing at the buildings (not in his area might I add) I and my Labour Colleagues on the Council are actually doing something about them. Enforcement action was started against the owner of the Anchor Mill Gatehouse, the owner then started refurbishment and as such when he stopped the council have to go through the whole process again! It is strange that Cllr Vassie went straight to Derek Parker and not to the Planning Department of the council for information if he had he would know that action had been taken!
It is obvious that what Cllr Vassie is doing is trying to regain some of his public image so destroyed by his one year suspension from the council for threatening staff, I think it might take more than a few photos pointing at buildings and kind comments about the planning department and other councillors to do this!

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