Monday, October 09, 2006



This is just a short post to say that I really must be doing something right! I received a letter in the post today regarding my web page, as incoherent as this letter was I got the gist of their comments.

It was basically a personal attack on me! It suggested I was a liar on more than one occasion, it suggests that I did not advise the readers of my page regarding my dad's standards commission enquiry and the outcome as I would have (and I quote) 'lost all credibility in seconds' despite this being widely available through the same site that I link to with reference to shamed ex SNP Cllr Vassie. The attack goes on to suggest that officials of the Council have slandered me to this mystery individual. And makes scurrilous (and unfounded) allegations with regards to my fellow Labour Councillors.

Well to the unidentified coward I say this....

'If you're political opinions were valid, if your personal opinions were valid and if your accusations against officers of Renfrewshire Council and Labour Councillors were true, you would have had the guts to put your real name and address on the letter, as it is you didn't, and it will be treated the same way as I treat all political cowards, laugh and pity their lack of integrity and backbone'
(and for this individual this is PERSONAL comment)


Anonymous said...

It's "gist", not "just".

Rayleen Kelly said...

Spot the deliberate mistake! he he he! I have been advised of this by a collegue as well, just as well you lot are about.

Thanks all keep an eye out!


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