Wednesday, October 11, 2006



One of the most rewarding things as a Councillor (apart from helping my constituents) has to be the opening of new schools. The opening of St Andrews Academy last night was no exception.
I was lucky enough to get the guided tour and it was fantastic, the school is a credit to Renfrewshire Council. The pupils are understandably proud of the school and are taking good care of it. One of the pupils advised that it the music facilities alone are worth it!
As an ex pupil of St Mirins High it was excellent to see so many of the teachers past and present in attendance, and all of those still working in the school were delighted with the new building, delighted with the facilities and looking forward to the future. The entertainment provided by the pupils was excellent, never mind the X Factor or Fame Academy these pupils would wipe the floor with them!
It was a great night, and from what I could see the products on sale at the back (I think it was the Social Enterprise Stall) were flying out the door! I hope that the pupils, staff and community enjoy the new facilities.

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