Thursday, October 12, 2006



As most people will no doubt know there is a meeting of the Friends of Seedhill Playing Fields this evening, I have been invited but have advised that I will not be there!
I have explained to the representative of the group that I don't feel that a public meeting is the best way to address the issues being discussed, I have however, offered to set up a meeting between representatives of the group and the relevant officers to discuss fully the issues involved. The representative I have contacted is very willing to do this and I hope that the meeting will be amicable and informative.
I felt it important to point this out in case any of my constituents were wondering why I was not present. I am also stating this here in case the same individuals as last time try and cause mischief by suggesting I could not be bothered to turn up (despite knowing that I had an alternative engagement).


Anonymous said...

You are meant to be MY respresentitive within Renfrewshire Council. Can you explain why you don't feel able to attend a public meeting regarding a matter that many local people have strong feeling about? Why should things be done behind closed doors..... and when did you first see the report on the levels of contamination of the playing fields? Before you voted to build houses? After?

Rayleen Kelly said...

As you have chosen to with hold your identity I cannot tell if you are one of the three constituents who have made representations to me on this matter, however to answer your question, the meeting I suggested would not be behind closed doors! Representatives of the group who are setting up the meetings will be invited in, they do not seem to think that this is inappropriate as they have accepted this invitation.

Regarding the report of the contimination it is NOT council procedure to present such reports as the officials are more than able to advise of the contents and what this means.

If you do have comments or issues you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact me...


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