Sunday, October 22, 2006


Having been away for the last week, I have missed a lot of the local and national news, I have seen however the SNP leader Alex Salmond and the SNP have been found out! I noticed an article in the Scotsman which shows what Wendy Alexander MSP said in the Parliament some time ago, that their education policy doesn't add up!

Instead of challenging the assertions Alex Salmond is complaining that the Civil Service neutrality has been compromised as it was the civil servants who wrote the report. There is nothing new here, Wendy Alexander MSP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North already pointed this out in the debate on Student finance last month, which I covered on this web page!

Instead of the whinging at comments at the end of the Scotsman article it would be more appropriate for the SNP to actually address the content! Alas they can't because they don't have an answer they thought that they could get away with incompetence!

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