Sunday, October 22, 2006

ROMA 2006

ROME 2006

OK I am back and I had a fantastic time, my feet are extremely sore due to all the walking, but it was definitely worth it! Clare and Lucy deserve a huge mention here for their organisational skills and their skill at reading the map! We saw the sights, tasted the food and shopped till we dropped.

Although Rome is beautiful I did notice that many of the problems that exist here in Scotland are prominent in Rome, the most obvious examples are those of Graffiti and Parking!

The graffiti is rife, although because it is in Italian (obviously) you don't know what the slogans are, it is unsightly.

Parking and driving in Rome is a NIGHTMARE! Outside our hotel which was situated next to Termini (the main station in Rome) in the last day there were two accidents involving cars and mopeds, obviously the mopeds came off worst. Smart cars seem to be the order of the day in Rome as you can pretty much park them anywhere, although people pretty much do that anyway without taking account of the size of the vehicle!
I will post some photos in a short while, just need to get settled back into the way of things first.

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