Friday, October 27, 2006



As I am not American I did not hear Mr Limbaugh attack Michael J Fox for his appearance on a Democratic Hopefuls advertisement, if I had I think I would have broken the radio! Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disease affecting the motor functions of the body, as someone who has watched a close family friend fight the disease I was appalled by Mr Limbaugh's attack.

His apology was not much better! He said 'IF I am wrong in characterising his behaviour (Michael J Fox's behaviour) on this commercial as an act' then he would admit he was wrong and apologise! I cannot help but think that it may have been better if Mr Limbaugh had actually researched (or paid someone to do it for him) the topic of Parkinson's disease and found out what the symptoms are.

I think that Michael J Fox is extremely courageous putting himself in the firing line and standing up for his beliefs. Before the last elections I emailed George Bush and asked him to reconsider his stance on stem cell research I pointed out that he had been lucky enough that none of his immediate family had been blighted with a condition (to the best of my knowledge) which could benefit from stem cell research. I never received a response, not even an acknowledgement that they had received the email, I didn't expect a response from Mr Bush but even a campaign worker or low level staffer saying your views have been taken on board would not have been out of order!

So to Michael J Fox I say, good for you and always remember ...

If your opponents are attacking you, you must be doing something right!

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Nick Colbourne said...

Totally agree Rayleen, it was revolting to see the arrogant git waving his arms about and accusing MJF of exagerating his illness. Hopefully he's done immeasurable damage to the Republican's campaign!


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