Monday, October 23, 2006



OK the title above is a little misleading I actually have no problems with the added security requirements, although I think there are slight problems with them that need to be addressed.

The biggest glitch I found was that when coming home we took advantage of the Duty Free and bought a few bottles of wine and the like, at the cashiers desk the teller put the bottles into a clear plastic bag, tied the top and put a security tag (which you would have had to cut to get to the bottles) with a number on it. There were no problems getting onto the plane with the bottles at Champino airport, the problem came when we went to check in for the Belfast to Glasgow flight.

The problem was that when we went to check in, the girl at the desk advised that we could not carry the bottles onto the plane we had to put them into the hold luggage. Now this was a little traumatic for us as we had to then try and rearrange the contents of the suitcase on the concourse of Belfast International Airport, but we managed and thanks to our request for a fragile sticker the bottles were in tact at the other end.

Question what happens if you are flying with BA or a similar company and it is a connecting flight so your bags go straight through? Are you then not allowed to buy duty free (ie alcohol)? Surely as the tag has a number on it and they use your boarding pass to register it, the purchase can be traced and checked? I think I will write to the Transport Minister Douglas Alexander and ask!

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