Sunday, October 22, 2006



Earlier this week Renfrewshire tenants voted by a majority of 36 votes to reject the proposal to transfer the housing stock to a not for profit Housing Association.

Despite the SNP and SSP claims that it will be OK because the Scottish Executive or the Treasury will give the Council the money there have been no indications to this effect. They are claiming this as a victory but the tenants that I have spoken to are not so sure, they are concerned about where we go now!

Keep this in mind those who are professing to be the saviours of the tenants, not one of them actually lives in a council house! Mr's Hogg and McCartney from the SSP certainly don't live in a council house, and before the accusation gets fired back, I have never suggested I do, I have similarly never told the tenants to vote in a particular way because I am very aware that it is the tenants choice! The mistruths being put forward by the SSP and the group Mr McCartney professes to represent are shameless, maybe they have the answer now? I doubt it!

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